The concept of multi -layer steel structure contains steel and the number of housing layers per square meter

Today, I want to introduce the concept of steel and the number of house layers per square meter. Those who like to collect dry goods must be collected.

The steel content per square meter

1. The general steel content of light steel with a crane is 35-40kg /m2;

2. The general steel content of light steel without cranes is 25-30kg/m2;

3 The general steel content of heavy steel is 80-1

What-IS-the-Lattice-OF-Metal 00Kg/m2;

4. The general steel content of heavy steel structure is 60-80kg/m2;

The above data is only a reference basis for preliminary estimates. The project will have a great impact on the steel content due to the difference in loading in different areas.

The concept of the layer

1. Single layer: only one floor building is a single -story building on the ground. Things, it contains civil buildings such as industrial factories (single-storey heights above 6-8 meters) (above 6-8 meters), and agricultural factory sheds (over 2.2 meters) and other buildings.

2. Multi-layer: refers to 4-6 floors.

3, high -rise: refers to buildings with a total height of less than 100 meters above 10.

4. Super high -rise: refers to buildings over 100 meters above 40.

Others, high -level, ultra -high -level, mainly steel mixed structures, such as cross columns. Box -type column, etc. Structural form.

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