What are the prefabricated buildings of steel structures?

The following aspects of the prefabricated areas:

1) There is no on -site pouring node, the assembly speed is faster, and the construction quality is easier to guarantee.

2) Compared to the concrete structure building, the building is lighter and the foundation is lower.

3) The steel structure is recyclable data, which is more green and environmentally friendly.

4) Very IT-CAN-MAKE-The-STRUCTURE-Work-Stable-AD-ROLIABLE-the-Horizontal-SUPPPNSABLE [ 123] Multi -construction department is produced and processed by the workshop. The main types of components are: outer wall boards, inner wall boards, overlapping boards, balcony, air -conditioning boards, stairs, prefabricated beams, prefabricated columns, etc.

5) A lot of assembly operations on the scene greatly reduced the original paddling operation.

6) Select integrated planning and decoration planning and construction. The ideal state is that the decoration can be carried out in synchronization with the main body.

7) The standardization and information of the planned plan, the more standardized the component, the higher the production efficiency, the corresponding component cost will decrease. With the digitalization of the factory, the entire process of the factory will be handled. The price / performance ratio will become higher and higher.

8) meet the requirements of green buildings.

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