Steel structure Factory roof selection light roof board insulation durability

The hot summer weather is a test for the construction industry. The selection of steel structure plant roofs Considering the heat insulation requirements, so which material should the roof panel choose the real insulation?

1. The roof of the steel structure plant

1. The steel structure roof structure refers to the mechanical system composed of the roof bearing component. Such as the roof, the support of the bar, the roof panel; the roof beam, the roof board, etc.

2. The peripheral protection structure includes exterior walls, roofs, side windows, outer doors, etc. Resist in wind and rain, temperature changes, solar radiation, etc. It should have the properties of insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, moisture -proof, fire resistance, durability and other properties.

3. Materials that can be used for steel structure plant enclosure structure and roof structure include: steel skeleton light plate, KST plate, pressure steel plate, color steel plate, brick wall masonry, etc.

Steel structure plant panel application

2. Light roof panel

1 Features

[ 123] For the characteristics of the roof of the steel structure plant, how to choose the roof material


can meet the needs of the design of the building staff.

The light -type steel skeleton light roof panel is developed for the characteristics of the characteristics of the steel structure plant panel. The characteristics of insulation, heat insulation, and durability are perfectly matched with the requirements of the roof.

Innidity insulation: Light roof -panel core material is low in heat conducting, high heat storage coefficient, and the whole plate heat transfer coefficient can reach 0.32W/(m2k), which has excellent thermal insulation Performance, which not only meets the building insulation standards in high -cold areas, but also meets the requirements of building insulation in high -temperature areas.

Lightweight and high strength: The plate is self -heavier, only 30%of the weight of the traditional concrete board, reducing the steel structure load; The ideal material of replacement of concrete board.

Seismic and durable: Seismic anti -defense intensity ≤8 degrees, and the normal use period is more than 50 years.

2 Application

Steel skeleton light roof panel is a new type of building material developed rapidly in recent years. The panels are becoming more and more extensive, and it makes up for the lack of color steel plates and traditional paddling boards, and gradually become a substitute for these materials.

The light roof panel of the steel skeleton not only is convenient for construction, but also does not require special maintenance in normal use, and the cost of use is low. The size of the board is customized according to different spans of the building and the size of the load.

Steel skeleton light roof panels are used in rail transit vehicle section parking lots, public buildings, industrial plant and other steel structure building roofs.

At present, this light roof panel has been applied in many projects, such as Shanghai China Nuclear Huaxing, Zhengzhou Metro Vehicle Section, Zhengzhou Railway, Hunan Xiangtan Vehicle Base, Xi’an Metro Line 2, Xi’an, Xi’an A large number of roof projects such as Metro Line 5, Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center, and Henan Peking Opera Art Center are used in large numbers.


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