Hongya Hongya Sichuan fully promotes the high -quality development of the green industry

Since the beginning of this year, Hongya County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province has implemented a green industrial tackling strategy and focused on promoting the construction of industrial projects. From January to July, the county’s industrial fixed investment reached 1.22 billion https: www.sgsbuildinging .comnewsindustryIntRoduction-to-the-SPECICICIC-ConStruction-Process-OF-STRUCTURE-CANOPY yuan.

In recent years, Hongya County has focused on the development of green industries, attracting a number of major industrial projects to build and achieved good results. On August 26, at the construction site of 10,000 special electric vehicle projects in the Hongya Economic Development Zone, the tower crane towering, the machine was roaring, and the construction workers had their own duties and were busy in the construction line.

Xu Zhongxiang, the project production manager of the project: \”At most 10 days, the comprehensive building can be capped. After the comprehensive building is done, our assembly workshop is another week. All steel components enter the field. According to the progress, there are 3 months, basically the steel structure plant can be completed. \”

It is understood that the project is as a Since the start of the municipal key industrial project, since March of this year, all parties of the project have gone, strengthen coordination, cooperate closely, and quickly promote project construction. According to the current progress, the main factory construction will be completed by the end of the year. After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual output special electric vehicle will reach more than 10,000 units, with a total output value of more than 500 million yuan, which can achieve an annual tax of 20 million yuan.

The newly attracted projects are hot, and the expansion projects of existing enterprises are not loose.

At the construction site of the second phase of the Shengfeng Titanium industry, the construction workers struggled to fight the front line everywhere. They were under the high temperature and heat, full of energy, sweating like rain, and silently advancing the project silently.

Zhou Yong, the chairman of Sichuan Shengfeng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., introduced: \”At present, all three workshops in the project have completed the main steel structure architecture work, and the walls and roofs are being carried out. Installation and equipment foundation, some of the high and low pressure equipment have been installed. The entire project is progressing smoothly according to the project plan, and it will be completed on time. \”

to accelerate the promotion Since the construction of the project, since the project is started, the construction party, supervisor and other stares have paid close attention to the target tasks, seized the time node, inverted construction period, and scrambled to score the progress of the construction. Early use.

Zhou Yong said: \”In order to ensure the progress of the project, we rationally deploy personnel machinery, arrange 70 workers to adhere to the front line of the project, and arrange construction time reasonably to avoid high temperature hours period At the same time, the workers are equipped with tea and Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid for the summer. The safety officers are always inspected on the spot to ensure that the project is smooth and smooth. , Achieve the progress of comprehensive production before the Spring Festival. \”

Since this year, Hongya County has closely focused on the goal of the\” Green Industry Tackling Year \”and adheres to the development of\” 4+3 \”leading industrial development. In order to focus on the industrial economic operation, project promotion, scientific and technological innovation, and coordinated services, and make every effort to promote the high -quality development of Hongya Green Industry. From January to July, the county’s industrial fixed asset investment reached 1.22 billion yuan, an increase of 19%year-on-year, ranking among the top three in the city. (Reporter Qi Yuan correspondent Li Xia)


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