What do you need to do for steel structure plant testing?

The steel structure plant has convenient construction and a short construction period. All components can be assembled on the spot. Although the steel structure plant is widely used, in social development, factory safety issues have always been a hot topic. If the quality of the plant is not good, the Western Association is the safety of the employees. Therefore, the safety test of the steel structure plant has become a Popular topics, then what are the safety testing of steel structure plants?

The main content of the detection of the steel structure plant

1. Detect the axis size and layer height of the steel structure roof.

2. View whether the structure layout is reasonable, whether the component transmission power is direct, etc.

3. Detection of the section size and thickness of the steel structure floor and column.

4. Detect the connection type of steel structure floor beam, column and original structure.

5. Detection of the effects of steel structure floor beams and columns such as rust on structural hazards.

6. Detect the transformation, crack, and leakage of the enclosure structure.

7. According to the existing load, usage and housing structure system, evaluate the existing safe use of houses according to the test results, original design drawings, national specifications, etc.

8. Appraises the safety of the structure of the building, follows the principles of objective, scientific, and fair, and proposes an appraisal conclusion.

9. If you propose reinforcement and repair in the appraisal report, provide follow -up technical services and consultation.

The identification basis and content of the detection of steel structure plant

1. 2019)

2. \”Standard for the Rating of House Waste\” [City Living (84) No. 678]

3, \” Dangerous House Appraisal Standard \”(JGJ 125-2016)

4,\” JGJ 8-2016)

5 , \”Technical Standards for Architecture Structure\” (GB/T 50344-2019)

6, \”Specifications for Concrete Structure Design\” (GB 50010-2010 2015 edition)

7. \”Specifications for the Loading of Architecture\” (GB 50009-2012)


9. \”Diamond Core Method Detecting the Technical Regulations on the Power of Plane of the Plane\” (JGJ/T 384-2016)

10. Standard \”(GB 50023-2009)

11.\” Specifications for the Concrete Structure Reinforcement Design \”(GB 50367-2013)

12,\” Specifications for Steel Structure (GB 50017-2017)

13. \”Judgment and Treatment of Statistical Processing and Interpretation of Popular Sample abnormal values\” (GB/T 4883-2008) Other technical standards, specifications, regulations required by the state regulations.

14. \”Guidelines for the Safety Appraisal Work of Houses in Dongguan\” Document

15. Original design documents and reinforcement construction materials, decoration Construction design drawings, on -site exploration and test results.

Evaluation of the testing and identification conclusion of steel structure factories

Based on

\”Dangerous House Appraisal Standards\”, \”Civil Building The standards and standards such as reliability appraisal standards, comprehensively evaluate the safety of houses, comply with the principles of objective, scientific, and fair to compile the appraisal report, and propose preliminary measures and methods for appraisal conclusions and processing.


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