What are the characteristics of the steel structure plant compared with the ordinary plant?

1. The steel structure plant has high pressure resistance and light structure: Although the relative density of stainless steel plates is greater than other building decorative materials, its pressure resistance strength How-to-Make-Steel-Structures- Fireproof-2 Very high. Under the same support conditions, the steel frame structure weight is small and can be made into a large span structure. Steel structure plant

2 The plastic deformation deformation of the steel structure plant is good: Under normal circumstances, the steel frame structure is not easily broken due to inadvertent overweight or local overweight, and strong adaptability to the dynamic load.

3. Symmetry of the material of the steel structure workshop, high reliability: symmetrical mechanism in the stainless steel plate, each directional opposite sex. The specific working characteristics of the steel frame structure are better than the selected basic theoretical value, so the structure of the structure is high.

4. Steel structure workshop has weldability: Because stainless steel plates have weldability, the connection of the steel frame structure is greatly simplified and integrated into various complex shape manufacturing.

5. The key to the production of the steel structure workshop is to be carried out in the system’s metal component factories, simple production and high accuracy. The prefabricated components are transported to the site for installation. The level of the assembly is high, the installation speed is fast, and the time is fast.

6. Good sealing performance: The internal mechanism of stainless steel plates is very close. When choosing a welding connection or even a bolt or screw connection, it is easy to ensure unspealability and not leakage.

7. High temperature resistance: When the ambient temperature of the stainless steel plate is within 1500C, the pressure resistance of stainless steel plates does not change much, so the steel frame structure is suitable for thermal production workshop.


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