Sell Jiaozuo second -hand steel structure plants, old steel architecture arched sheds, high and wide

Super mid -pillar greenhouse 48 meters wide, 66 meters long, 15 meters high
Pillar 550/250/12 large beam 4 suspension 120
C -type steel 200 open room 7.35 watts 0.5 [ 123] At any time, support for the goods

Sell the super large span arc shed

50 meters wide 80 meters high 12 meters high 12 meters
Daliang 110 inverted triangle circle round管檩条180c型钢

[ 123]

The arc shed is about 12 meters high, the pillar 420 spiral tube, Liang Sanxuan’s visual inspection of 60, 30.5 meters wide, 260 meters long can be arbitrarily divided, 48 black iron square pipes, Henan Jiaozuo pickup [123 123 ]

The following forms of more factories

Steel structure engineering crane The category of the beam can be divided into a steel beam, a combined gongchen beam, a box beam and a crane truss in the form of cross -section. Among them, in addition to the elimination of Liu Jianliang, the Gongfang beams have been replaced by hot -rolled H -shaped steel beams. The poor work expenses and fatigue resistance are no longer applied.


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