Steel structure plant testing

1. Detective content of the steel structure plant:

The steel structure plant is one of the main types of industrial buildings. Essence The main detection content includes:

1. The deviation of the section of the component;

Degree, elevation, and horizontal degree);

3. The appearance quality defect of the component;

4, the surface damage of the component;

[ 123]

5. Whether the connection structure measures are effective and reasonable.

2. Method of the testing of steel structure plant:

1. Observation and inspection method:

] Use the naked eye to directly observe the welding quality of the steel structure, measure the place where there are doubts, or check with a small hammer tap. If necessary, you can use the color method to check.

2. Instrument inspection method:

It is mainly used for the quality inspection of the concealment of the project in the structure, such as the tightening level of the bolt connection, welding The quality of quality and the embedded of high -strength bolts. For some important parts, special instruments should be used for inspection and acceptance to ensure the quality of the project’s quality.

3, sampling test method:

Random sampling inspection method for the important part of the structure can be performed to verify the design calculation The accuracy of the results and the quality control effect of construction and installation.

4. Loading test method:

For some large structural systems can be loaded to a certain extent, the method of uninstallation to determine the structure of the structure to determine the structure The effectiveness and reliability of the bearer capacity.

3. Analysis of common problems of steel structure factories:

1. Due to design drawings errors.

(1) The spacing between the column is too large.

(2) The support between the column has just passed.

(3) The lower end of the pillar is not parallel to the foundation.

2. Due to construction reasons:

(1) The supporting stone pads are too thin.

(2) The template of the beam is not cleaned up.

(3) There is no steel bar in the intersection of the main and second beams.

(4) The roof panel is not set up.

(5) The surface of the board is uneven.

3. Due to other reasons:

[1) The material does not match Asynchronous-ERECTION-OF-Cantilever-Steel -Beams -qu-zhuHai-Jinhai-Bridge-IS-PROGRESSING-SMOOTHLY request.

(2) The level of concrete is too low.


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