Standard requirements and processes of steel structure plant safety appraisal

Steel structure plant that needs to be performed for safety appraisal

1. Deformation or tilt in the plant

] (1) Due to investigation, design, construction, use, etc., crack injury or tilt deformation occurred. Except for the safety of the structure and the proposal of the processing of the structure, the cause of damage is generally required to analyze the existing damage to which links such as the survey, design, construction, and use, and provide a basis for the determination of responsibility. Most of the residential quality improvement and arbitration appraisal belong to this type of project.

(2) The factory building occurs when crack damage or tilt deformation due to adjacent engineering effects. This type of structural safety testing and evaluation focuses on distinguishing the crack damage or inclined deformation of the inspection house caused by the fact that the house itself is caused by the impact of the construction of the foundation pit project. Because the projects are mostly commissioned after the injury or deformation, the parties may have conflicts, so there are also more court commissioned arbitration appraisal projects.

2. The aging of the plant or signs of aging

Due to the material, environment and other reasons, the factory building affects Signs of safe or usefulness and aging. For concrete structures, material factors may contain active ingredients such as MGO in concrete aggregate, excessive alkali content in the cement, poor cement stability, excessive CL- in mixing and water. CL-, etc. These factors may cause definition and aging signs of concrete burst, steel rust, chemical erosion, alkaline aggregate reaction, freezing and destruction. The main aging signs of the steel structure is the corrosion of steel. The main aging signs of the masonry structure are bricks Wall weathering, the main aging of the wooden structure is insect erosion and decay.

This type of structural security test and evaluation generally requires material and environmental analysis to find the main causes of degradation or aging, predict the degree of continued to deteriorate or aging, and propose effective treatment Suggestions.

3, the factory building exceeds the life limit

The factory building is the same as ordinary residential housing and commercial housing. A period of estimated usage Discussion-on-the-Flatness-OF-the-FricTional-OF-The-STRUEEL-Structure-organing-organizational. Pay attention to the use of the house, and when it comes to the time of use, even if it is generally or visible to the naked eye, there is no problem, and it cannot be ignored. It is necessary to perform safety appraisal of the plant. Once determined, whether the plant can continue to be used.

Steel structure of steel structure factories


1. Steel structure-structure The main tilt detection

For a professional steel structure plant safety appraisal company, the tilt detection of the main body of the steel structure includes:

Testing the steel structure The tilt point of the top observation point is compared to the bottom fixing point or the upper layer is compared to the lower observation point and the tilt rate.

The tilt of the structure: The instrumental equipment of the laser positioner, the latitude and weft meter, the three -axis positioning instrument or the hammer can be used.

2. Steel structure-deflection detection

The deflection detection of the steel structure component, we can use a laser ranging meter, Instrument and equipment such as the level instrument or line lines are performed on the spot and appraisal. If the observation conditions at the time are allowed, the appraisal company can also directly determine the deflection value through the deflection meter, displacement sensor and other equipment.

3. Steel structure-structural connection detection

If the steel structure has not formed a crack in the detection The heat layer prevention is prevented. If some cracks have been detected, the method of stress grouting is required for reinforcement treatment.

(1) Bolt detection

: The detection of the impact of the bolt on the bolt on the security of the house mainly depends on the appearance inspection. The phenomenon of phenomenon such as pressure damage, cutting of the end of the board, and pulling the end of the board.

(2) There are two methods for detection of welds to detect steel structure welds: accurate methods and ordinary methods.

General method: generally refers to appearance inspection, drilling, measurement size, etc.

Accurate method: Generally refers to supplementary inspections based on X -rays, ultrasonic and other methods based on ordinary methods.

4. Steel structure-crack, rust detection

Crack or defect of steel structure components in the safety identification of houses, It can be detected by non -destructive detection techniques such as vortex, magnetic powder, and penetration.

Vortex detection: Depending on the changes in the path flow of the vortex flow in the measured component, the structure cracks of the structure of the structure; Detection: Apply the infiltration liquid to the surface of the measured component, and then apply a layer of imaging agents to suck it out of the penetration and stay in the defect, which can be clearly displayed by the enlarged defect;

[[] [ 123]

Magnetic powder detection: Use the magnetic powder to be adsorbed by the iron suction to form a crack belt, thereby displaying crack traces.

Steel structure plant

Safety appraisal Review content

1. The thickness of the steel structure material [ 123]: Standard equipment should be adopted to measure the thickness of the steel structure material, and its uniform value should be taken. The thin thickness of the membrane should be greater than 2 mm. Use the color pen to make a sign during puncture, and no longer fix it.

2. Review of the ground feet bolt

: The steel structure installation is first of all the ground feet bolts in the foundation. Repeatedly painted in a flat foundation, the film formation was 1.2-1.5 mm thin. After 7 days of putting on hold, it was 7 days in 1%of the water, and then waited for 24 hours in the 50 soil and 2 foundation.

3, wall material review

: The main use of the wall materials is color steel plates or clipplane boards. It is not damaged. If the material is damaged, it should be replaced in a timely manner. If it is installed, it will require a lot of working hours to remove it in the future.

4. Paint painting review

: The paint is the basis of rust -proof. If the environment is not available, the hardening of the steel structure can be used to use the draft method. Paint it on the non-woven fabric in 4 or 6 times. After drying (about 24h), the thickness of the film is 1.2-1.5 mm. In the box, there is no leakage in 24h.

5. Material soft review

: Spray paint on the steel structure, and repeatedly paint the installation of the workshop on the spot and the materials are repeatedly painted on the material. 1.2-1.5 mm, remove it from the color steel plate after drying, put it on the room for 7 days, and then cut the strip of 120-150 mm in length and 20 mm wide. The material body is 30 seconds, and the diameter 10 mm round rod is entangled once each, without cracks. If there is a crack, it is not enough to indicate that the emulsion is low.

Division of the dilapidated house appraisal level of the steel structure plant

1, A level

: The structure bearing capacity can be capable Meet the requirements of normal use, the danger point of non -decaying, and the structure of the house is safe.

2, B Class

: The structure bearing capacity basically meets the normal use requirements. Individual structural components are in a dangerous state, but it does not affect the main structure. It basically meets the normal use requirements. Essence

3, C -Class

: Some load -bearing structure bearing capacity cannot meet the normal use requirements, and local dangerous situations have a local dangerous house.

4, D Glass

: The carrying capacity of the bearing structure of the house does not meet the requirements of normal use.


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