Tianjin family steel structure loft, shop steel structure loft, factory steel structure attic

Tianjin Family Steel Structure Attic, Shop Steel Structure Attic, Factory Steel Structure Locations#[[[[[

The design and construction steel structure of our factory, the construction of the construction steel structure, Duplex steel structure lofts, villa loft production loft design home steel structure loft shop steel structure lofts and strong construction experience, the main foundation of steel structure, design is to calculate each steel skeleton to be attracted to the gravity 2. Construction technology should pay attention to each one. The construction session is slightly detailed, so such a process guarantees that the emergence of the earthquake is not falling, the earthquake can not be repaired, and the small earthquake is not bad. The construction process first measures the opening of the top surface of the line, the clean -hole dust dust is strong chemical anchor embolism, the band -planting embedded plate beam, the main beam welding corrugated iron pavement auxiliary beam welding the main auxiliary beam, Broken How-Convenient-IS-The-Metal-Garage Stone concrete pouring concrete. Welcome users to cooperate. Professional design, production, and construction of various steel structures, including residential plus layers, shops plus layers, hotels plus layers, office plus layers, factories plus layers, warehouse plus layers, and so on. The addition of the steel structure can effectively increase the use area, and the use of space reasonably

The steel structure mezzanine adds layer of light, high strength, large span, short steel structure building construction period, corresponding reduction of investment costs accordingly , Steel structure architecture has high fire prevention, strong anti -corrosion resistance, convenient movement of steel structure buildings, recycling without pollution


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