Factors that must not be ignored when designing the steel structure plant

With the increasing attention of the ecological environment of engineering construction and the continuous improvement of standards, the steel structure industrial production plant is one of the basic facilities for industrialization and sustainable development, and its required amount has gradually been updated. However, under the premise of having many advantages, the steel structure also has some unavoidable shortcomings. Therefore, the steel structure plant must consider various factors when designing.

1. The significance of the design of the engineering drawings of the steel structure plant

No matter what kind of construction, engineering drawings are an important basis for construction construction Essence During the design period of the steel structure industrial production plant, the professional technology of the institutional construction enterprise should be pre -reviewed to the design drawings, and the \”wrong, omissions, touch, and lack of\” in the engineering drawings should be checked. Difficulties are harmful to the quality and progress of engineering construction. Steel structure engineering projects each compile the construction organization plan for the manufacturing process and installation links. The specific content of the processing process in the steel structure generally includes the product quality standards and technical standards of each sub -item project. And the formal methods formulated.

2. The design principle of the support system support system support system

In order to ensure the work of the steel structure factory And transmitting vertical horizontal force to avoid excessive changes in the component, prevent the imbalance of the rod, and ensure the structural stability of the structure. According to the structure of the plant, the production workshop crane is set, the span of the vibration equipment and its factory building, the span of the vibration equipment and its factory building, and the span of its factory building. Relative height, temperature range length and other conditions layout can be available. Each temperature section of the plant shall set up relatively stable column support system software, and coordinate the layout supporting horizontal support in the roof frame. The part of the lower column support is a key factor to measure the vertical structure of the plant, and endanger the size of the temperature and stress. Freedomly ejaculates to both sides of the section. When the length of the temperature section is not large, a lower column support point is generally set in the middle of the temperature section, but the length of the temperature section exceeds 150 meters. I-BEAM-O-U-Beam-STEEL-FOR-Weight

The curvature of the song must be set in the temperature area section. Within a range, in order to prevent excessive temperature stress, the core spacing of the two support cannot exceed 72 meters.

3. The key to customization of the seismic performance of the steel structure plant

When making a seismic design of the steel structure industrial production plant First, at the overall layout level, the structure quality and bending stiffness are evenly distributed, so that the factory building is well -proportioned, deformation and coordination, and minimize the adverse effects due to uneven structural stiffness. The roof frame and column have a certain architecture of the soil, which is convenient for flexible use of the compression characteristics of the steel structure and reduced the horizontal structural deformation; secondary, the destruction of the steel structure plant is generally not due to the insufficient compression strength of the component. Caused, the effective layout support system to ensure the stability of the structure of the plant, which is essential to the steel structure plant; in the end, under the seismic force, there is a low period of fatigue. When the design plan, pay attention to the impact on its factory. For the design of the constructive node, the destruction of the node must not be in the full cross -section compromise of the load -bearing structure. The load -bearing structure should be entered into plasticity work, and the energy of the earthquake can be fully absorbed.

Fourth, the significance of the high temperature resistance of the steel structure plant

The fire safety level of the steel structure industrial production plant is relatively poor, when building steel meets When the heat is about 100 ° C, with the rise of temperature, the pressure resistance of building steel decreases, and the plasticity is enlarged; when the temperature is within 250 ° C, the tensile strength of the steel is slightly increased, while the plasticity decreases, and the blue crispy condition occurs; when the temperature When the building steel occurs at 250 ° C, the building steel is plastic deformation; when the temperature reaches 500 ° C, the strength of the bolt drops to a relatively low, and the steel structure collapses. Therefore, when the surface temperature of the steel structure is around 150 ° C, the heat thermal insulation and fire design specifications need to be done (generally coating -resistant coating to solve).


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