Precautions for the design of large span steel structure factories

1. Analyze the model selection of the large span steel structure plant

Generally, the type of the wall enclosure structure, light frame light plate, and pressure type can be used Board composite insulation types to distinguish large span steel structure factories. Generally, the type of filled wall enclosure structure is widely used in the construction of large span steel structure factories, and in the process of practice, the steel frame light roof panel will be merged. Fast and daily maintenance and maintenance.

Factory and warehouses generally use light frame and light plates, which can be installed very simple, have better durability, and the reasonable and rationalization of the design plan has also been improved. The length of long use and a relatively high safety index is not relatively heavy, and green and environmentally friendly.

The composite thermal insulation type installation is convenient, there is no large weight, it has a better appearance and a strong carrier capacity, the fire safety insulation and waterproof requirements can be achieved , And without a long construction period, there is a large use of development potential. The application field has gradually expanded. It mainly contains two constituents, each is control panel and core. The control panel is a metal composite material, which has the effect of heat insulation for the core. Fire safety and heat preservation effects are all the effects of plate core materials.

Steel structure plant

2. Analysis of drainage of large span steel structure plant

Big The span steel structure plant will have different structures and methods, and the role is also very different. The large span steel structure plant has a large total area, and there will be a very large flat roof and tilt. If the steel structure plant is multiplied by multiple spans, a drainage ditch design scheme is needed in the middle of the middle. It has a variety of appearances, such as a sawtoral -shaped method and multiple tilt. You can distinguish the drainage structure according to the outer drainage and inner drainage. The outer drainage system software is usually used to use the roof sky ditch. Since the drainage riser is set outside the room, it can be directly towards the tube What-IS-the -Difference-Between-I-BEAM-AD-BEAM roads and channels are discharged into precipitation; the internal drainage system software is used to use the pipeline in the room Enter precipitation.


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