Sanya billboard signboard safety test and appraisal company

[Hainan Victoria] Inspection and Appraisal Company undertakes the safety appraisal of the main structure of the house, steel structure engineering testing, curtain wall detection, chimney structure safety testing and appraisal, billboard safety testing and appraisal, dilapidated house inspection, floor load load inspection, Building sedimentation observation, concrete compressive strength detection, engineering quality testing and appraisal, house structure reconstruction detection and appraisal, steel structure structure safety appraisal, industrial factory building appraisal, plant structure safety appraisal, school building safety test appraisal, house safety appraisal before and after construction, house safety appraisal The test and appraisal of school kindergarten house safety appraisal, special industry testing and appraisal.

Industrial plant load -bearing testing items include: three combinations of load -bearing structure system, structural layout and support system, and enclosing structure system. The quality appraisal of the plant is based on the structure system, structure, process layout, conditions and appraisal purposes of the factory building, and classify the overall, structure or section system of the plant into one or more evaluation units for comprehensive evaluation How-Convenient- IS-the-Metal-Garage .

Conditions for the Detection of Industrial Factory Detection

1. Set up high towering, shelved or suspended objects on house buildings. If the housing structure, obvious increase in housing loads or towering on the top of the building shall propose a design plan by the original house design unit or a design unit with a corresponding qualification level. Can be set.

2. Houses that are severely damaged are generally not decorated. If decoration is indeed required, the house appraisal should be performed first, and reinforcement measures should be taken to achieve the safety conditions of living and use before decoration.

3. If the decoration of non -residential houses involves demolition and modification housing structure and significantly increased housing load, the original house design unit or design unit with corresponding qualifications proposes a design plan. The house quality appraisal agency can be constructed after the identification of the house is met with safety conditions.

4. If the original house is changed to a public fish music place or a production and operation house, the operator shall apply to the house quality appraisal agency for house appraisal.

5. Due to the occurrence of natural disasters or explosions, fires and other accidents to endanger the safety of houses, the owner of the house shall apply to the house safety appraisal agency in a timely manner.

6. To build a large -scale building or construction projects such as pile foundation, underground buildings and structures, the construction unit shall apply to the house safety appraisal agency before starting the construction area House identification is performed and safety protection measures are taken in accordance with regulations.

Industrial factory building in the administrative department generally needs to provide the factory structure safety test and appraisal report, and the factory reliability testing is required. Test. If a wall cracks in the factory building, special safety testing and appraisal of the cracks need to be performed; if the plant needs to increase the load of the floor of the floor, it needs to be detected and identified on the bearing capacity of the floor. Of course, in addition to these, there are many factory quality testing.

Generally speaking, the contents of the load -bearing testing of industrial plant include: settlement, tilt, cracks, masonry structure components, wooden structural components, foundation foundations, concrete structure components, steel structure components, etc.,, etc., etc. The detection of each parameter is generally on -site detection. During the detection of steel structure plant components, the steel tensile strength test method detects the tensile strength of the steel test parts, and the steel bending strength test method detects the bending deformation capacity of the steel test parts.

The conventional content of the safety testing of the industrial plant is:

(1) House building and structural overview survey;





(2) Review of the housing building and structure plane layout;

(3) Investigation of the house use;

(123] (123] ( 4) Survey of the completion of the house;

(5) the deformation measurement of the house;

(6) The strength detection of the main structural material of the house; [[[[[[[[[ 123]

(7) The test report was issued in combination with the on -site test results.


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