The old steel structure plant of the steel structure plant is suitable for building materials produced by second -hand factories

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The building materials suitable for second -hand factories must first meet the following points: First, with high tensile strength and yield, the second is high plasticity and toughness, and the third is good craftsmanship. Fourth, it has high and low mild and corrosive performance. The tensile strength is an indicator for measuring its structural tolerance. When the tensile strength is large, the weight of the component can be reduced, which plays a role in saving the original and saving cost. Obviously reflect its safety. Improve plasticity and toughness to make it have a sufficient response advantage at the time of loading, thereby reducing brittleness and causing great destruction. It can also use good plastic capabilities to adjust the local bearing capacity, and at the same time, it has anti -repetitive effects. Good process performance, including cold, thermal processing and welding performance. If the material itself has good process performance, it can make the material


It is easy to produce when processing is processing The structures of various shapes will not be adversely affected by processing their strength and toughness.

The old steel structure plant of the steel structure plant

High -strong steel does not have obvious yield, which is a manual setting based on scientific data analysis Data. The amount of plasticity refers to the extension rate, that is, the absolute deformation of the steel product during the stretching process and the percentage of the original value. Cold bending performance refers to setting the diameter of the bending center in the test, and then bent to 180 degrees. As long as there is no crack on the surface of the component. Intellectuality, this is a comprehensive indicator. At low temperature, the brittleness of steel will change.

must have sufficient ability to resist brittle changes.


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