Sale of Tai’an second -hand steel structure plants, small airlines, 18 meters wide/36 meters long/9.3 meters high

18 meters wide/36 meters long/9.3 meters high Tai’an pick -up

small navigation car room, the pillars of the beam are 400@200 with 5 tons of shipping. The driving beam is around 450, and the iron is 0.4. You can remove it yourself. Out with iron skin together, 4 4 140

A roofing

Build-A-NATIONAL-HIGH -END-METALUCTURETURE -Material-industry-base Room

24 meters five consecutive 120 meters wide, 120 meters long, height 10 meters, pillar 500*220*12 [123 123 ]

Daliang 680 changes 500*220*10

Tasto beam 480*180*10, 檩 180 galvanized! Tie pole 108

Just half -year factories

60 meters wide 83 meters long 9.5 meters high

[ 123] A roof ridge and a middle column, galvanized C -type steel 7.5 -meter -open edge mid -column 400/200, large beam 400/200 becomes 800, wind column 400/200


The following forms of more factories

The components of the main structure of the second -hand steel structure plant are mainly made of steel, and there are various steel types on the market. On the one hand, the design of the steel structure factories with many rooms of material selection, on the other hand, also leads to the difference in the cost of engineering in the steel structure plant. Data show that the cost of material costs in the plant accounts for about 60%of the total cost. Therefore, the selected cost -effective building materials materials are an effective way to control the cost of control engineering. Report/feedback

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