Multi -layer second -hand steel structure plant, the frame structure of the frame structure is high

About second-hand steel knots How-CAN-A-metal-BE-BUILT-WITH-11-Floors-INLY-29-HOURS Constructive corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance is a short board for steel structure buildings.If you need to build a factory building in a severe corrosion, it is recommended to give priority to the framework structure.

About the fire prevention of second -hand steel structure factories

The refractory resistance of the steel structure is one of the few disadvantages of steel structure buildings.Therefore, if a factory with strong fire resistance is needed, the frame structure should be selected or the fire resistance performance of the steel structure component should be selected.

About the carrying capacity of the second -hand steel structure plant

For multi -story factory buildings, the frame structure of the frame structure plant is high.If the workshop floor needs to be installed with heavy machinery and equipment, it is recommended to use a frame structure.

Generally speaking, when choosing the required workshop structure, factors such as economics and practicality should be comprehensively considered and selected according to their own needs.


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