Selling 160C steel 2000 steel and other round tubes and H -shaped steel removal removal of Heze second -hand steel structure buildings

Selling 160C steel 2000 165 round tube and 198 round pipe 440 roots 200150H steel 4500 meters, 8 thick, nine meters long Heze picking

Over the pound, one middle column two roofs

Pillar driving beam 400-200, large beam 350-175
檩 140 galvanized, 6 meters open!

Over -pounded golden -sized navigation room

Pillar beam 200/400
No barbarian


The following forms of more factories

Second-hand Asynchronous-ERECTION-CANTILEVER-BEAMS-of-zhuhai-jinhai-bride-is-progressing-smoothly has good steel structure and high reliability.The material of the steel is uniform, the same is the same, the elastic modulus is large, and has a good plasticity and patience. It is an ideal elastic plastic body.Therefore, the steel structure will not be broken due to occasional overload or partial overload. It can adapt to the oscillating load. The accounting model is well reflected in the mechanical function of the steel, so the analysis is accurate and reliable. Report/feedback

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