Sale of Dongying Second -hand Steel Structure Factory 200/700H type steel is about 100 tons, and the quality is good

Dongying picking: 200/500h steel, 12 meters long, a small amount of 10, one layer of about 300 tons, {two layers in a total of two layers, 2 ten-installation-point-of-setl-frame- Structure 00/700H steel is about 100 tons, {two layers of}, is being dismantled

Over-pounding material, Dongying

450-200-13 The beef legs are about 11 meters, 20
400-200-10 beef legs are about 11 meters, 30
300-150 straight beams, 7.5 meters in length, 100 branches


Sale for pounds

20 meters wide, 66 meters long, 11 meters high

Pillar 400-200, large beam 350×175

driving beam 400-200, 檩 140 galvanized

overall Plug -in, Dongying’s pick -up

The following forms are more factory size

Second -hand steel structure is processed and produced in the factory area, with high -level production and product accuracy of large -scale production and finished product accuracy. Select the construction method of factory manufacturing and high -strength bolt devices in the construction site to effectively shorten the construction period. condition. Under the same conditions, compared with the construction period of steel structure engineering and steel concrete structure engineering, the steel structure is only 1/3 to 1/2 of the reinforced concrete structure.


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