Quality Control of Steel Structure Plant Cover System

Speaking of the quality management of the steel structure plant maintenance system, first we need to know what the fence system of the steel structure plant is. The steel frame structure component fence system refers to the roof and wall board structure of the steel structure plant.

1. The effect of the enclosure system

The effect of the enclosure system is key to two levels. One is the effect of decorative art that makes the steel structure plant look more unique. The second effect is that it is very important. It will have a windshield and rain, which can maintain the machine and equipment inside the steel structure and its staff and the hot and cold.

2. The enclosure system board

The plate of the maintenance system of the steel structure plant can be divided into two types, one is color steel tiles, simple color steel tiles, and the second is is Color steel sandwiches. Among the many steel structure factories, the color steel sandwiches are widely used. Because the color steel clip core board has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation noise reduction performance.

Third, the quality management of board talents

The quality of color steel plate materials, first we must carry out control on raw materials, and the quality of the raw materials will have product quality problems, so afterwards production and application must be More product quality problems will also occur. In addition, in the entire process of manufacturing, it is necessary to prevent the compliance of the specifications and specifications, and to prevent scars on the surface of the board.

Fourth, the quality of color steel sandwiches

The quality of color steel sandwiches is except to ensure a point above. It is also necessary to strictly control the quality of the core board. The core plate of the sandwiches of the steel frame structure enclosure system generally uses polyurethane materials, rock wool plates or glass wool. Because they have excellent thermal insulation performance and fire safety performance.

Regarding the fence system of steel structure factories, most companies will choose color steel sandwiches to make the main materials, because this sandwich plate has good thermal insulation performance and thermal insulation and sound insulation properties than color steel plates. And the core material of the color steel sandwiches is usually rock wool or glass silk cotton. This material also has an environmental performance and excellent fire prevention Analysis-OF-the-IMPACT-OLL-WELL-The-the-design-OF-Multi-LIGHT-STRUCTURE Yes, so basically use the core board.

In addition to color steel single boards, there are also colored steel sandwiches, and some places are also called color steel composite boards. There are many core materials for color steel clamping boards. At the beginning, most core materials are foam plates. Because the foam core material is flammable, most core materials are now fire -resistant. For example, rock wool boards and glass cotton plates, they not only have good fire resistance, but also have good sound insulation and thermal insulation performance.


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