chicken coop feed in 2022

With the development of the same feed industry, the nutritional demand for meat chickens is no longer the scope of farms or farms. Therefore, as the owner of the farm or farm, you can concentrate your energy to choose feed quality and feed factories.

Good feed is nutritional balance and quality assurance. Can meet different nutritional needs of meat chickens in different seasons and growth stages. In recent years, the competition in the feed industry, the impact of the price of feed raw materials and climate on corn and soybean production, the quality of individual feed is unstable. Therefore, as a large farm, we should pay attention to the following points.

  • When choosing feed manufacturers, feed manufacturers must not purchase mixture, concentrated or pre -mixes, and they should not be subject to feed prices and pay attention to the quality and credibility of the feed manufacturer and the scale and credibility of the feed manufacturer. Spend. Regular feed manufacturers should have effective feed manufacturers inspection certificates or production licenses; feed labels should explain the words that meet the feed sanitary standards, as well as the guarantee value of feed name, feed composition analysis, raw materials composition, human medicine or additives used by additives Product standard numbers (national standards or corporate standards) instructions, net content, production date, warranty period, quantity and quality certificate (1S0901, HACP or 50200) and other information.

For example, the feed conversion rate of the two brands is 1.8 and B is 1.9, so the total intake of 2.5kg adult chicken feed is 4.5kg of the same feed 2.5kg of chicken feed in 2.5kg. KG’s feed, the cost of feed is significantly higher than the cost of the feed 0.25kg. According to the current feed price, the cost of feed for each feed is 0.8-1 yuan higher than the feed of the feed. Therefore, the efficiency of each feed will be reduced by 0.8-1, the cost of feed will be reduced by 2500 yuan, the feed cost will increase by 2500 yuan, that is, The cost of feed will be increased by 200-250 yuan, and the cost of feed will be increased by 200-250 yuan.

The general selection method in production is feeding with powder at 0-week age, and feeding with pellet resistant material from 3-week age to market. When eating or suffering from certain diseases (such as kidney type infectious venturi disease, etc.), use granular or broken materials.

What are the common feed for chicken raising?

First, protein feed: animal feed, including fish powder, blood powder, silkworm pupa, earthworms, etc. This type of feed protein is rich in content and must be complete. It must be fully matched in the feed, which can promote the development of the embryo, the growth of chicks, and the formation of eggs. The feed of plant protein has beans and oil cakes. Such feed sources are widely sources, low cost, and complete nutrition.

Second, vitamin feed: pastoral and green fertilizer, with clover; vegetables, with various vegetables and toes and leaves of vegetable farms; melons and leaves. This type of feed is rich in vitamin content. As long as it can ensure the supply, not only can it promote the good development of chickens, to ensure that the chicken’s physique is strong, increase the output of meat and eggs, but also improve the utilization rate of tuning and achieve better economic results.

Three. Mineral feed: Commonly used are eggshell powder, shell powder, stone powder, bone powder, salt, etc. It can be equipped with a mixed material, or in the chicken house, and let the chickens eat it.

Fourth, carbohydrate feed: grains include rice, broken rice, corn, mule, wheat, etc. The main component of this type of feed is 65%-75%of carbohydrates, only 7%-11%of crude protein, and only 2%-4%of crude fat; bran bran has rice bran, bran, etc. 45%-50%of the Taiwanese, 12%-13%of the crude protein, there are more crude fibers in rice bran, and the bran has a light diarrhea effect. It should not be excessive; More than 30%of the total amount of feed.

Fifth, feed additives: It is to mix the trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants, chemicals, etc. of the chickens, add it in a mixed feed to reduce patients with deficiencies that cause some vitamins and trace elements, and promote the chicks of chicks. Growth and development and the production capacity of chickens.

What are the feed commonly used in chicken farm?

The crude protein content is more than 20%, and the feed with a crude fiber of less than 18%is protein feed. According to different sources, it is divided into plant and animal protein feed.

(1) Plant protein feed includes beans and its processing by -products.

Soycakes, soy flour and soy flour products are usually called cakes, and solvent extracted oil products are usually called cake feed. Diflor (Diflor) contains high lyricine, aroma, good, high nutritional value, and generally accounts for 10-30%of the total diet. Soy cake is composed of animal protein feed, but there is insufficient methamphetamine and cystine. Therefore, omeramids are usually added to a corn -based diet. However, if the content of soybean cakes in daily diet is too high, it may cause chicken manure to stick the door, and it will also cause chicken fever. Soycakes with insufficient heat treatment contain a variety of anti -nutritional factors or toxic factors such as anti -fascinase factor, urease, hemagenin, saponin.

Puff soybean flour is grinded with soybeans and injected the steam into a mixture to improve water and temperature. By the screw of the extruder, the soy flour is processed at high temperature and high pressure through the screw and friction. Exit holes are processed. After the finished product is squeezed out, it is dried. Puffed soybean flour has the characteristics of high energy, high protein, and high digestion. It is rich in vitamin E and protein fat. It is a high -energy, high -protein feed suitable for living plant protein raw material. The results show that the digestive rates of various amino acids of puffed soybean flour are more than 90%.

Peanut cake. Its nutritional value is second only to bean cake. It is better than bean cakes. It contains about 38%of protein. Some contain 47%of protein, containing arginine and histidine. The ingredients can be used with fishmeal, bean cakes or lysine and oxine. Peanut cakes are easily infected with toxic ingredients, making chicken poisoning, do not need mold during storage. Generally, 15%to 20%of diet.

3 parts of rapeseed rice. The protein content is about 34%, and the crude fiber content is about 11%. It contains a certain amount of brightein, tastes stimulating, poor mouthplace, and the egg production rate does not exceed 10%, 5%to 10%of growing chickens can be used after detoxification.

Cottonseed cake. Rich protein content, 32%to 42%, high amino acid content, rich trace element content, overall surface, low metabolic energy, high crude fiber (about 10%, high 18%). Cottonseed cakes contain Khocol and glycol, which can cause accumulation of poisoning or iron deficiency. After handling the application and control the amount of usage.

(2) Animal protein feed

Fish flour. Fish powder is a good protein feed of chickens. It has high nutritional value and must contain various amino acids. Especially family protein feeds are lacking of oxine and lysine driving hospitals. A large amount of vitamins and 32 minerals rich in calcium, forest, manganese, iron, zinc, and 32 kinds of minerals. There are also some factors that have more fragile and growth awareness exceeding any other factors. The general purpose is 2%to 8%of the diet. Feeding fish flour can cause the erosion of chicken and stomach, especially when processing errors or storage of fish powder, spontaneous combustion fish powder contains more muscle and stomach erosion factors. Fish flour will also smell bad.

The powder should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, otherwise it is easily infected by insects or rotten surfaces.

Cotton kernel cake. Rich protein content, 32%to 42%, high amino acid content, high trace element content, rich surface, low metabolic energy, high crude fiber content (about 10%, as high as 18%). Cottonseed cakes contain Khocol and glycol, which can cause accumulation of poisoning or iron deficiency. After processing, the application and control amount.

chicken coop feed'

What are the different ways of chicken yard feed?

1 Classification of nutrition. It can be divided into full -price hybrid feed, concentrated feed, add premix and hybrid feed.

Full -price feed: Also known as full -price feed, it is a scientific formula. It has comprehensive nutritional composite feed through reasonable processing surfaces, which can meet the nutritional needs of chickens. High economic benefits are ideal feed. Full -price feed can be made of various feed raw materials and premissions or diluted. Full -price feed for chickens.

Concentrated feed: Also known as balanced feed and protein supplementary feed. It is made of protein feed, mineral feed and add pre -mixture. Can’t be used directly to feed chicken. Generally contains more than 30%of protein, and the ratio of energy feed should be diluted according to the instructions of the production plant, usually accounting for 20%to 30%of the full -price feed.

Additive premixing: It is a semi -finished product, mixed with various nutrition and non -nutrition additives. It can be used to produce concentrated feed and full -price feed, and its number accounts for 0.5%of the total amount of feed.

Hybrid feed: Also known as primary mating feed or basic diet. It consists of energy feed, protein feed and mineral feed according to a certain percentage, which can basically meet the nutritional needs of chickens, but the nutrition is not comprehensive and is only suitable for rural farmers.

According to the physiological phase of the meat chicken, the meat chickens are divided into three or second categories according to weekly age.

According to the physical shape of the feed, chicken feed can be divided into powder, granular, granular and crushing materials according to shape. These different shapes of feed have advantages and disadvantages, and one or two can be selected. Usually growing reserve chickens, eggs, and chicken feed powder: Meat chicken feed within 2 weeks or granular material feed after 3 weeks; meat chicken feed granular materials.

Powder: It is made of feed raw materials into fragments and mixed with its remaining ingredients and additives in a certain percentage. Production equipment and feeding processes are simple. Stable quality, convenient and reliable feeding. Chicken can eat better nutrition of the same feed, because the chicken feeding is slow, all chickens can be fed. Suitable for all types and age chickens. You can add water and make it a wet mixture. However, the disadvantage of powder is that it is easy to cause food breeding and make chicken nutritional unbalanced, especially when eating chains. Due to the small amount of feed, it is easy to fly, causing more house dust, leading to waste and transportation of transportation. The fineness of the powder should be 1-2.5 mm. It is too good to wear, the chickens are not easy to swallow, and the taste is not good.

Granular material: It is a block -shaped feed made of particles with particles, mainly cylindrical. The particle size is 4.5 mm. Six millimeter chickens. The advantage of the ball feed is that the palatability is good. Chicken can be eaten in large quantities to avoid picking food and ensuring the full price of feed: chickens can be eaten all, not waste of feed, and high feed compensation, generally equivalent to 5%to 15%of the weight of the powder. Toxic ingredients, play a role in killing insecticides, sterilization, hygiene, etc.,

which is conducive to starch paste and improves utilization. However, the production cost of granular feed is very high, and some vitamins and enzymes are invalidated during heating and suppression. Galen increases moisture, which is not conducive to preservation. Feed granules, increased chicken dung content, and easy to peck. Because of the large amount of chicken feed, the growth rate is too fast, it is easy to die suddenly, ascites, etc.

Grain: The main grains are unsolved grains, such as corn, rice or grass seeds. Granules are easy to feed, chickens like to eat, and slow digestion, so it is more resistant to hunger and suitable for dinner. There are shortcomings such as malnutrition, low production performance of chicken feeding, and often cooperating with feed. A small amount of granular substances are usually fed during the day or night.

Fricate material (coarse debris material): The broken material is made of a special or rental grinding mechanism. Its size is between powder and particles. It has all the advantages and disadvantages of granular materials, and the cost is slightly higher than the particle material. Due to the high cost of making small particles, it is generally made of large particles with a diameter of 6-8mm. After cold, the particles are rolled into slices through the roller crusher, and then the two-layer screening. Ingredients, feed to 1-2 weeks, especially suitable for one-year-old chick feed. When granification, the moisture content can reach 15%to 17%, and it can be reduced to 12%to 13%after cooling.

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