Different from the steel structure plant and ordinary plant

The engineering buildings that everyone used to touch before were all building steel concrete structures. Today, everyone can analyze the characteristics of the two in the steel structure plant and the muddy industrial plant.


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The foundation is relatively light; because the steel structure itself What-after-STRUCTURE-Work-AD-FRUCTURE-Workshop The net weight ratio is lighter, and most of them are single-sided. Large -scale, so the foundation of the ground foundation is shallow, the amount of soil is small, and the damage to the soil resources is small, and the concrete structure is normal to build a double layer, and the net is serious. In terms of comparison, the basic money cost of steel structure digging is low.

The architecture is different; the steel structure data is high -quality stainless steel plate, so there is a high impact toughness and anti -tiller. It is much smaller than mixed soil, so the seismic level characteristics of the steel constructor are very good.

Save resources; after disassembly of the steel constructor, stainless steel plate can be developed to buy and repeat applications. The scum, and the original data that can be used is very small, which has caused the consumption of resources.

Project construction short -term industrial period; steel constructor plant structure is clear and simple, and use modular design to expand assembly. Time is long.

The spatial application rate is different; the construction of steel structure varieties is generally established and the company’s industrial plant is established. Reasonable planning is one -sided. The concrete structure can build a multi -story building, which further improves the application rate of farmland, and can be reasonable and save precious soil resources.


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