\”Old Steel Structure Factory\” \”Second -hand Steel Structure\” steel structure is mainly used for large public buildings

Old steel structure-Old steel structure plant-the advantages of second-hand steel structure

1. Old steel structure-the old steel structure plant adopts high-strength steel. Old steel structure-the old steel structure plant is wholesale, with high load-bearing pressure, What-IS-Corrugated-Metal-Stainless-Steel-Plate The material is strong, lighter than brick, concrete and other materials.

At present, the steel structure is mainly used for large public buildings, such as stadiums, airports, stations and theaters. Low -level industrial buildings are mainly light steel plants; a few high -end high -rise office buildings and hotels.

2. Quality advantage: The prefabricated steel structure light board building system is based on the steel structure of large span, small cross -section, and pipeline beams. The seismic strength of the steel structure is better than the PC structure, the mature industrial construction system and standardization technology in design and construction.

3. Old steel structure -the factory building built by the old steel structure plant has passed strict quality inspection, the safety and reliability are very high, and the steel is ductantly and can be fully exerted in the design.

4. Old steel structure -the price of the factory building built by the old steel structure plant is low, the quality is good, and the shock resistance performance is high.

These are the advantages of the old steel structure -the old steel structure plant, which is not only safe and reliable, but also economically cost -effective. It is a practical building material.

But for the use of fertilizers, the recycling price of waste steel bars and the use of straight -to -waste steel bars are of course very large. This is because the reinforcement is deformed. The old steel structure — the old steel structure workshop is sold and straightened, and the \”value\” of mechanical properties such as strength is not very large. Therefore,

5. If deformation and straightness are not obvious, even more projects will not be restricted.

6. When the deformation is not good, the impact will be great. The abandoned steel bar can be recycled by the company, but it can still be used for small items.

7. If the deformation is particularly serious, it cannot be reused. If the waste reinforcement recycling and utilization, it should be sent to the waste steel bar recycling station.


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