The advantages of the steel structure of the new material plant

The factory buildings of new materials generally include steel structure, steel concrete structure, masonry structure, and wooden structure. Among them, the steel structure is used. Because the steel structure has many advantages that these structures cannot be compared than the factory buildings of reinforced concrete structures, wooden structures, and masonry structures.

1. Wide applicability

New material factories in steel structures can be applied to most industries, such as: chemical industry, Traditional industries, high -tech new materials, food industries, etc. It is suitable for multi -layer structures, but also built large flat layers.

2. Long service life, convenient repair

New material factory buildings in the steel structure can resist most of the harsh climate, and structure Simple, very easy to maintain and maintain.

3. The construction period is short, which can be quickly put into production

The parts of the new material plant in the steel structure are completed in advance You only need to transport to the building address to assemble in place. This reduces a lot of construction costs and greatly shortens the construction time. A 10,000 -square -meter steel structure new material plant can be completed and participated in production in only 60 days.

4. Reasonable price

New material factory in the steel structure is directly assembled in the building. Therefore, the cost and the short construction time can be quickly put into production. So the economic benefits are relatively high

5. Beautiful atmosphere

The new material factory of the steel structure is steel structure, so it looks more beautiful and generous , Compound new materials industry’s position in people’s hearts.

Summarizing the advantages of the new material factory building of steel structures is relatively large, it may be rare now, but it will definitely be popular in the future.

New Material Factory of 10,000 square meters of Huaqing Huaqing

Hefei Huaqing Company has 10,000 square meters of steel structure new materials

Which-IS-Better-I-BEAM-U– Beam-Steel-FOR-Weighbridge The factory is vacant.

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