It turns out that the installation process of the steel structure plant is so simple

Steel structure plant is an important way to build a plant today, because many advantages of the steel frame structure have been warmly welcomed by the market. In the installation of the steel structure plant on the spot, many people always think that he will be very complicated. In fact, after you listen to the interpretation of Xiaobian, you will know that the original steel structure plant is installed so simple.

[1] Countering the basic center line and its design elevation to check again, and the method of lifting the scores was lifted to carry out all steel beams, and the calibration and fixation were performed. Then In the hanging steel column, the end is the lifting work of the flat roof support system.

[2] Install wall color steel sandwiches. Before carrying out the installation of color steel sandwiches, the first priority should be made to make engineering drawings, and special training for relevant staff was conducted according to the relevant construction design documents to popularize the construction safety concept of chemical land; Check it, replace the injury raw materials regularly; check the machinery and equipment required for the construction of the project to ensure that it runs normally; the accuracy of the steel component installation is carried out again Corruption paint.

[3] Install the bars. The bars used in the steel structure plant belong to the thick wall -shaped steel bars, which are relatively light. The net weight is relatively light. When launching the installation, it is necessary to use human resources or lifting equipment to carry out lifting installation. After that, you can install the flat roof bar. When the flat roofing bar is installed, you can directly rely on the ground foot bolt to fix it on the pads of the barbar. It should be noted that the installation of the flat roof bars must be controlled by the installation of the flat roof bar. Essence

[4] Install the roof. The progress of the roof should be arranged according to the progress of the project of the main steel structure of the construction site, starting from the back wall on one side, and gradually carried out to the other side. Prevent errors or missing. Before starting the project construction, you need to borrow Development-And-APPLICATION-OF-NC-Stretch-TechNOLOGY-And-EQUIPMENT-METAL-BEAMS-the-APPRERAISAL operational platform. Carry out the connection to maintain a relatively high parallel surface with the flat roof. It is specifically in the construction process, the hanging line is installed to ensure that the surface tilt of the house is continuously maintained in the middle of the ridge. It should be noted that if the wave welding of the slope cannot be turned into a front line, the ridge panel cannot be Carry out normal installation.


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