Blue Industry Encyclopedia: What are the aspects of steel structure engineering?

In the construction of industrial plants, people often choose steel structures. Due to the short construction cycle of the steel structure plant, the steel structure is very strong and durable. The most important thing is that the steel structure building space is flexible, which is very suitable for industrial plants and production workshops. However, the steel structure has been using how-to-conflict-chicken-cages . It will inevitably occur problems, such as: steel structure joint cracks, rust, bolt connection nodes loose. These problems seem to be small, but they do pose a huge threat to the overall safety of steel structure factories. Therefore, the steel structure plant should be performed before the formation and use of the steel structure before the formation and use of the steel structure. What are the aspects of the test? 123]

1. Steel structure testing and identification content.

The detection and appraisal of the steel structure mainly includes special requirements such as materials, components, connection and node defects, structural systems, damage detection and safety, applicability, durability and seismic performance appraisal Steel structures, such as steel structure, steel structure fatigue detection and identification, steel structure power testing and identification, etc.

2. On -site inspection basic work content.

1. Collect engineering geological survey report, design drawings, calculation books, design changes, sedimentation observation records, construction records, material warranty, material inspection documents, completion drawings, completion acceptance documents, etc. Related information;

2. Understand the construction, use, damage and repair history of the building, such as the construction, renovation, maintenance, use of changes, conditions of use, and the environment of changes in the environment of the building. And whether the disaster occurs;

3. Investigation and data verification on the basic situation of the on -site. When there is a construction drawing, on -site verification should be performed; when there is no construction drawing, the surveying drawing should be drawn according to the actual structure of the structure;

4. Basic survey. Environment survey of steel structure. Material performance test. Node connection status test. Structural injury test. Structural deformation test. If necessary, structural dynamic testing and structural or component on -site load test can also be performed.

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