Lijin Industrial Park settled in the Green Angel (Lijin) Chuangzhi Green Valley Industrial Park Dongying Industrial Park China Merchants Office

Green Angel (Lijin) Chuangzhi Green Valley Industrial Park, the park is located on the south side of the Economic Development Zone on Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Province, north of Lixi Road, south of Yongxin Road, and west of Jinliu Road. About 170 acres.

The factory building can be rented and sold. There are 4 single -layer steel structure factories in the industrial park, 2 two -layer steel structure plant, 1 three -story factory building, and the first layer height is on the same level. No less than 8 meters. Two office centers, internal incubation and operation of Green Angel Lijin Cross -border E -commerce Industrial Park. Provide enterprises to provide enterprises from office incubation, scientific and technological research and development, to all levels of production of standardized workshops.

Project Advantages:

Standard Factory of Steel Structure, 5 major units to meet the personalized needs of the enterprise;

2. 50 years of property rights, dual certificates, independent property rights, pre -sale, segmentation, mortgage loan;

Building plant, large area, low total price;

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4. The highest 11 meters high, which can be installed, flexible and convenient. 18.3 meters span, spacious and agile, facilitate the distinction between corporate functions.

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