What should I pay attention to when designing a large steel structure plant

The large and medium -sized steel structure plant is now a very common plant type. The characteristics of such factories are large loads, wide columns, irregular columns, high buildings, and more floor slabs. Therefore The equipment layout in the plant is very harmful to the structure. Therefore, at the beginning of the design plan, the structural plan of its security and economic development and reasonable layout should be considered comprehensive.

The problem that the large and medium -sized steel structure plant must pay attention to in the design plan:

1. The layout of large and medium -sized equipment in the plant plays a fundamental effect on the clear column net, and it is also limited to the limitedity The wing plate of the beam is total. Because large and medium -sized equipment loads are large and the center of gravity is high, the load that is increased due to the overthrow of the earthquake disaster should be considered, and small and medium -sized devices are also harmful to the structure layout. It is necessary to consider it in all aspects.

2. Selection of structural types is also important. Steel structure factory Build-a-Nationsal-High-End-Metal-Material-InDustry-Base There are generally three structure methods for rooms. The architecture-template support system, pure architecture management system, and steel structure plus support point. Among them, the steel structure plus support point structure is used in industrial production plants. It comprehensively comprehensively has the advantages of the first two structures, so that the actual effects of the column support against the level of the level of power are better.

3. Pay attention to the harm of the concrete floor to the next beam. The layout of the graphic of the building’s plane beam is harmful to the equipment, and the composition board is limited Application makes people lack a sense of security.

4. The standard of node design scheme is the first safety, and the second is economic development. The most important node in the whole process of the construction of the plant is the connection node of the architecture and the column. At the two levels, the deformation of good nodes under earthquake disasters is strong, and it is not easy to produce destructive destruction. It is an ideal node method.


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