Fully analyzed 50 problems in steel structure plants

I. Classification of Industrial Production Plant

1. Severa the layers of the plant: single -sided plant, double -story plant, mixed -layer plant.

2. The total number and direction of the span of the plant: a single -span plant, multi -span plant, horizontal and vertical cross -plant building.

3. According to the span specifications of the plant: small span (not greater than 12 meters), large span (15-36 meters of single-sided industrial production plant).

4. According to the production of workshops: cold pull workshop, thermal treatment workshop, temperature control workshop, clean workshop, other special situation workshops.

2. How can the industrial production plant be classified according to the characteristics of the product?

1. General production plant: Factory produced under normal conditions.

2. In explosion and fire risk production plant: normal production or storage factories with risks of fire accidents.

3. Production plants under extreme conditions: Dust, cold and cold, continuous high temperature, or steam, vibration, thick smoke, strong acid and strong alkali corrosive gas or chemical, radiation, radiation Production plant that endangers substances.

3. Classified according to the types of factory buildings

1. Standardize factory buildings: applicable electronic devices, clothing factories, bags and leather, accessories, small toys, small toys , Small electrical appliances and other industries.

2. Simple factory: suitable for small hardware, small machinery, plastic, paper products and other industries.

3. Unique factory: multi -purpose, humanized housing buildings, unique equipment include door -type cranes (3 tons, 5 tons); driving (5 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons) Essence

Fourth, each factory building of the economic development zone according to the user and the real estate certificate is generally regulated that the factory building, and the regulating part of the factory contains foreign companies and domestic funds or all factory buildings, also It is included in the factory of enterprises that specialize in plant construction and leasing in a certain economic development zone area. The real estate certificate is divided into factories with reasonable and legal property rights and factories without property rights. Generally, it is not caused by the land resource real estate certificate. It also includes two ways: the basic construction punishment of the basic construction of traffic violations and the non -accepting basic construction punishment of traffic violations.

5. Industrial production plant characteristic industrial production plant can be divided into single -sided public buildings and double -story public buildings according to its architecture. Most of the factories of double -storey public buildings are common in light industries, electronic devices, dashboards, communications, pharmaceutical industries, etc. This type of factory building is generally not very high. Production plants in industries such as machinery processing, metallurgy industry, textiles and other industries are generally single -sided public buildings, and according to production needs, more importantly, multiplied by single -sided industrial production plant.

6. The main use scope of the industrial production plant

1. Key production plant: It means a house for a whole set of production procedures.

2. Assisting production plant: refers to a part of the factory building to assist key production plants.

3. Driving power plant: It is a venue for the energy required to give the basic production plant to the production link.

4. Warehouse for storage: In fact, it is the warehouse. The warehouse is a type of plant, which is limited to the factory building of storage items. It is called a storage warehouse.

5. Land of Languard: Factory used to place the carrier tool, the normal production workshop does not require independently pioneering carrier -loading tools.

Seven, the general facilities of the facility facilities of the factory building are:

1. Workshop;

] 2. office building;

3. Dormitory;

4. Electric room;

5. Water pump room;

6. Downsay room;

7. Water;

8. Electric;

9. Path;

10. Fire safety;

11 . Garden greening;

12. Drainage pipeline;

13. Sewage treatment.

8. The basic principles of selecting the industrial production plant

1. The reasonable layout of the overall planning of the region, big cities, and townships.

2. Save land use, do not occupy land resources with strong acres and strong economic income, and meet the relevant provisions of my country’s current standard land resource management, ecological environmental protection, environmental protection and other policies and regulations.

3. It is beneficial to protect the ecological environment and garden landscape, avoid the scenery area and protected area as much as possible, does not pollute the water source, is beneficial to the three waste treatment, and meets the current standard ecological environment Protection regulations.

9. The demand for land area for the opening of the industrial production plant

1. The area of \u200b\u200bland in the industrial area should meet the production process and transportation requirements And embedded and rebuilt commercial land.

2. For factories with waste and waste, the boxes make the waste and waste require the total area of \u200b\u200bthe factory service period.

3. Residential land shall, according to the factory operating scale and labor -oriented staff, in accordance with the budget quota prescribed by the state, provincial, and municipalities, the total area required by the computer.

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4. Considering a variety of factors such as factory engineering scale, total engineering construction, and temporary facilities distribution.

10. The demand for engineering geology of the industrial production plant to open the site

1. After nine degrees of disaster areas, mudslides, landslides, pipe surges, caves and other damage areas, as well as the thick three levels of their own weight wetness, recently sedimentary loess layers, and first -class swelling soil.

2. The mineral areas, air areas with mining value, and its intensive area of \u200b\u200bXinghua Village, Millennium Tomb, and Pit.

3. The vertical carrying capacity should generally not be less than 0.1 MPA.

Eleven. The building spacing engineering building density of the industrial production plant refers to the base area of \u200b\u200ball buildings within the scope of the new project planning and construction land The total area of \u200b\u200bthe planned land covers the area of \u200b\u200bthe planned construction land, and the base area of \u200b\u200bthe house building here should include the base area of \u200b\u200bthe building. Building spacing \u003d (base area ÷ total area × 100%)


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