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Green Angel (Binzhou) Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, the park is located on the east side of the football town of Zhanhua District, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, north of the West Outer Ring Road and north. The planned area is about 106 Er, the construction area is 103,000 square meters.

The park relies on Binzhou’s industrial system, focusing on the development of intelligent manufacturing industries based on intelligent manufacturing, electronic equipment, and mechanical processing. There are three single -story steel structures in the industrial park, with a height of 8.1 meters in the first floor and 10 tons of driving in the load. There are 8 factories on the 5 -story plant, 6 meters in the first floor, and a standard layer load of 700kg/㎡.

Project advantage:

1. Standard factory building of steel structure, framework office space. Product-Characteristics-ADVANTAGES-OF-Flat-Packaging-Room Five major units to meet the personalized needs 50年产权,双证合一,独立产权,可预售,可分割,可按揭贷款;

3. 稀缺单层,独栋厂房,大面积,低总Price;

4. The maximum 10 meters high, which can be installed, flexible and convenient. 8 -meter pillar distance, spacious and agile, facilitates corporate functional distinction.

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