Amazon  warehouse  in  2022

The main function of the Amazon warehouse is to store all products under one roof so that Amazon can be used as a link between the two parties or platforms. After the goods arrive at the Amazon warehouse, each piece of goods are inspected, tested, packaged in Amazon packaging and stored barcode on it. After the buyer places the order, all the products will be delivered one by one to the customer’s hands.

Amazon’s performance center is responsible for performing customer orders. The Amazon warehouse stores products according to the size, size and indentation of the product. Different managers, including Amazon Sortation Associate::

Assembly, organizational, packaging and transportation parcels and pallets.

Use mechanical, hand -to -hand and hand -to -hand bus to deal with a large number of goods.

Check and scan products to reduce damage.

Check and verify invoices to improve accuracy.

Identify and resolve risks and risks to maintain a safe working environment.

Manage the collection of goods and ensure that the parcel is ready for delivery.

There are modern technologies, including robots, scanning machines, and barcode tracking systems for fast and effectively selection, packaging and transportation of millions of orders.

As one of the world’s most popular e -commerce platforms, the Amazon platform not only bursts out, but also provides sellers with professional and convenient FBA storage logistics. In Amazon’s US warehouse, some geographical locations are remote and some are slow. In order to facilitate the seller to send the goods to the best warehouse

As one of the world’s most popular e -commerce platforms, the Amazon platform not only bursts out, but also provides sellers with professional and convenient FBA storage logistics. In Amazon’s US warehouse, some geographical locations are remote and some are slow. In order to facilitate the seller to send the goods to the best warehouse

Amazon FBA is the abbreviation of “Fullfillment by Amazon”, which is the logistics services that Amazon is responsible for warehousing, packaging, delivery, and return.

Amazon FBA services support distribution to 185 countries and regions around the world, helping sellers to better do cross -border logistics and enhance buyers’ shopping experience.

The seller of Amazon FBA can be exposed, which can get more exposure, which brings more traffic and conversion. It can be more competitive than not opening competition.

Amazon popular warehouse


Amazon Warehouse ONT8, as one of the US FBA webwood warehouse, is located in California, a drive of about 1 hour from the port of Los Angeles. As the port is close to the port, the seller hopes to enter the warehouse Paids, save the entrusted fee; Ont8 only receives standard size of goods, and large -size goods cannot enter the warehouse; the reservation of the ONT8 warehouse in the peak season is extremely low, and the reception efficiency is very low, and it is easy to generate a warehouse;

Ont8 warehouse is one of the three major warehouses of the Amazon platform in the United States and is located in California in the United States. The Amazon ONT8 warehouse has high logistics in the United States, low logistics prices, and widely covered by logistics. Therefore, it is highly respected by sellers who operate the Amazon platform.

ONT8 is one of the three major Internet celebrity warehouses (ONT8 \ FTW1 \ CLT2). It is located in the west. Favorite, but it is difficult to reservation during the peak period.

Shitongtong International Logistics provides direct delivery of ONT8: After the ship arrives at the Hong Kong Customs Customs, the cabinet can be lifted the next day. And use a truck to pick up the cabinet and send it to the cabinet. The west warehouses can be stored the next day after disassembling the cabinet. This greatly saves time delivery time. The courier (UPS, Fedex) often does not achieve the expected effect. In addition, the recent lack of express delivery personnel and the problems such as explosion positions are not as stable as a truck delivery.


The FTW1 warehouse is located in Dallas, Texas, USA. It is one of Amazon’s large warehouses for distribution of goods. It is located in the center of the United States. The distance from the West Coast and the East Coast is the center of the transportation hub. The goods can be quickly delivered to the buyer; Amazon’s “death warehouse”, the inventory of the warehouse that is assigned to this warehouse often cannot be put on the shelves;


LGB8 warehouse is located in California, USA, less than 50 minutes from Los Angeles. Due to the insufficient hand -to -hand delivery hand, the appointment is often delayed in this peak season; during the peak season, the time limit for launch will be greatly reduced, and it is easy to explode; the seller of Amazon global logistics can provide lock -up services for free;

4. LAX9

LAX9 is located in Western United States. It is affiliated with California (CA). It is one of Amazon’s large warehouses for distribution of goods. It is not far away from LGB8 and 50 minutes from Los Angeles. Compared with the LGB8 per year of peak season, the degree of liquidation in the peak season is more likely to have a long reservation time and the phenomenon of explosion;


SJC7 is located in Treyi, California, with a faster unloading speed, more workers, and higher work efficiency;


OAK3 is located in Patterson, California. The warehouse is older, easy to make an appointment, and the unloading speed is fast.

Ont8/LGB8/LAX9 is three of the eight popular Amazon warehouses, and the popularity is among the top. In the peak season, a lot of goods enter these warehouses. A very large chance is risk of explosion, and it is relatively slow when it is on the shelves.

The three warehouses of Ont8/LGB8/LAX9 are all in California (referred to as California). The overseas warehouse transferred to these three warehouses is also low, whether it is a sea card or a sea school.

Ont8 is in Morino Valley, the address is No. 24300, Morino Valley Street, California, Zip Code: 92551. It is a popular FBA warehouse, about 50-60 minutes from Los Angeles. Easy delivery. It is the most popular FBA warehouse.

The LGB8 warehouse is in the city of Riyalto, the address is No. 1568, north of Riyalllins, California, and 92376. It is also a very popular FBA warehouse. It is less than 50 minutes from Los Angeles. The first shipping cost of this warehouse is the same as ONT8.

LAX9 is in Fengtana City, Sanbenidino County, and the specific address is 11263 Oleer, Fengtana City, San Benadino County, California, and 92337-7441. It’s not far from LGB8, 50 minutes from Los Angeles.

How to settle in the FBA warehouse seller?

To settle in Amazon FBA, we must first meet the requirements of the FBA, such as packaging, labels and SKU codes. After that, you can open it according to the following process:

Step 1: Enter the Amazon service page, click “Fulfillment by Amazon” to register FBA; fill in the company name and check the relevant terms to complete the registration.

Step 2: After the registration is completed, enter the homepage, click “Inventory”, select SKU, “Action”-“Change to Fulfill by Amazon” transforms the product to FBA SKU.

Step 3: Then select FBA products to be shipped and click “Convert only”.

Step 4: Then click the creation of the delivery form, set the product packaging type, review the SKU, and the FBA product labeling. After confirming that the information is correct, click “Confirm the Lord”.

Step 5: The seller chooses a good carrier method and the carrier. The default is a small parcel express.

Step 6: After the seller gets the logistics tracking number, fill in and mark it in the order state.

To open the Amazon FBA warehouse, everyone has these to understand:

1. Logistics companies that need to contact FBA transportation by the seller to provide the seller, and then transport it to the FBA warehouse to enter the warehouse;

2. If the buyer wants to apply for a return, the platform will arrange to return to the FBA warehouse;

3. After the product is returned to the FBA warehouse, it will not be re -launched. The seller needs to replace the label before re -sale.

4. Pay attention to the inventory of the FBA warehouse at all times, and then grasp the time of replenishment to prevent the store from being affected.

Although the Amazon FBA warehouse has a lot of advantages to sellers, everyone also needs to understand some of the operations of the FBA, such as how to apply for the order, and then retreat to the third -party overseas warehouse. Wait, these are important for Amazon sellers to use the FBA warehouse, and be sure to understand it.

How does Amazon warehouse control the inventory and keep stocking?

Amazon inventory management is very important in operation. If the inventory is empty, it will not be able to sell goods. The product keyword ranking will also decline rapidly, and the best -selling list will plummet. Today I will introduce to you the current Amazon inventory management skills and how to do a good job of inventory budget.

How does Amazon do well in inventory management?

Misunderstanding 1: When estimating the available inventory, the sales speed is not considered.

Sales speed is the speed of product sales.

Calculating the average number of units sold per day can calculate the remaining inventory days, and then replenish in time.

For example, you sell about 50 lunch packages every day at the end of April and early May. At this time, there are 500 lunch packages in the warehouse. In this case, we will divide the remaining inventory with daily sales. The remaining days before the inventory is used.

Inventory / average number of sales per day = 500/50 = 10 days

So, look at your own average daily sales, and pay attention to when you will be out of stock. This is a basis for measuring when you should start replenishment and how much you should supplement.

Misunderstanding 2: Continue to run PPC ads

When you estimate that the inventory is about to be exhausted and cannot be replenished in time, you should slow down the sales speed in time, and the easiest way to control this operation is to immediately suspend Amazon PPC ads.

Slowing sales speed can provide a little more replenishment time for the replenishment to prevent inventory, waiting for the long -term replenishment time, leaving a bad impression on Amazon, so that Amazon can take back the golden shopping cart or refuse to give you a golden shopping cart.

Misunderstanding 3: No time to adjust the price

Slowing the speed of consumption inventory. In addition to stopping the PPC advertisement, another simple change that can make is to increase the price.

For example: you sell the new lunch on Amazon for $ 15, and then there are some competitors to launch similar products, the pricing is about $ 12. After seeing the slowdown of sales, you reduce the price to $ 10. Although the profit of each unit has decreased, the number of orders has risen sharply.

At this time, you find that the inventory is urgent. At this time, you can change the price to $ 15, the sales speed of the lunch package will slow down, and then the inventory will last longer.

Amazon warehouse

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Amazon Overseas Warehouse:


1. Reduce logistics cost

The cost of logistics shipped from Amazon Overseas Warehouse, especially local warehouses, is far lower than the logistics costs shipped from China.

2. Accelerate the time limit of logistics

Shipping from Amazon Overseas Warehouse can save customs clearance time, greatly shorten the transportation time, and accelerate the timeliness of logistics.

3. Improve product exposure rate

If the platform or store has its own warehouse overseas, local customers generally choose to deliver local delivery when choosing shopping, because this can greatly shorten the time of buyers’ receiving time, and it can greatly shorten the advantages of Amazon Overseas Warehouse, and at the same time, it also enables the Amazon overseas warehouse. The seller has its own unique advantages to improve the exposure and sales of our store.


1. The seller cannot manage the Amazon Overseas Warehouse by itself

After the goods are delivered to Amazon’s overseas warehouse, the seller will no longer contact the goods, which may not be assured. However, in this regard, the seller can go to the scene in advance. If the warehousing environment or cargo management method provided by Amazon overseas storage service providers is possible, the goods will be transferred to the other party.

2. The inventory pressure is high, the storage cost is high, and the funds are not convenient

As long as your product is stored in Amazon’s overseas warehouse, you have to pay a day’s storage fee. If the sales volume is not satisfactory, the goods in the warehouse will always be squeezed and the storage cost will continue to increase. In addition to increasing inventory pressure, the amount of funds of sellers will be inconvenient. In view of this, sellers can choose to use Amazon Overseas Warehouses in the peak season of store sales, and the off -season is not used or reduced.

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