What tests do steel structure plants need to do

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What testing does the steel structure plant need to be done? The steel structure plant is now a more popular architectural structure in the construction industry. Because this structure has the advantages of earthquake resistance and corrosion resistance, it has been favored by many consumers. But we Which -SS-Better-I-BEAM-O-U-Beam-Steel-Weight also needs to perform corresponding testing work when using this structure. Ensure its safety. Let ’s take a look at the relevant content of the testing factory in the steel structure plant.

I. The mechanical performance indicators of the strength test of the steel components include the yield point, the elongation of the stretch, and the section contraction rate. During the construction, the quality and size deviation of steel should be strictly controlled to ensure the technical conditions of the design requirements to meet the design requirements; at the same time, the inspection and control of the welding quality should be strengthened; Essence

2. The deformation of the steel structure of the steel structure mainly deforms the effects of deflection and crack width under the action of temperature stress and load. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the measured and analysis of the deflection and analysis of crack widths under the action of the specific conditions of the project and the deflection width under the action of loads.

3. The stability of the steel structure generally considers the following factors when analyzing the stability:
(1) the size of the structural system stiffness (2) supporting conditions (2) support conditions (2) Such as supporting method) (3) Basic form (4) the nature of the foundation soil (5) Basic burial depth (6) The upper structure type (7) Wind load size (8) Earthquake intensity and venue category (9) Construction method (9) Construction method (9) Construction method (9) 10) Other factors affecting stability.

4. The safety reserves of the steel structure shall be considers to set up safety reserves when the building height exceeds 24m or spans more than 50m.

5. Fire protection Due to the low refractory level of high -rise civil buildings (level), fire protection measures need to be taken

6. lightning protection prevention The towering structure and the easy -to -suffer lightning strike system must adopt a lightning protection device.

7. Anticorrosive treatment of metal components in an environment where the corrosive medium or the environment that is eroded by acid rain must be carried out.

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