The application of the portable whole station in the installation of the steel structure of the drill and mining manager

Instrument and equipment.

The application of a portable whole station instrument in the installation of drilling rack steel structure Li Jing 1 Tongxinghua 2 Chen Haiyang 3 (Dongying Petroleum University (East China) Storage and Transportation and Construction Engineering) (2 Dongying Petroleum University (East China)) (3 Qingdao University of Petroleum University (East China) Science and Education Park Headquarters) Li Jing, Tong Xinghua, Chen Haiyang.

The application of a portable whole station in the steel structure of the drilling manager.


[ 123] Petroleum instrument, 200317 (5): The measurement work during the 34-36 process, the error generated by the measurement point is processed by pseudo-free free mesh. The accuracy of the control point can reach*5mm. Quick.


Accurate characteristics not only improved production efficiency, but also achieved computerized management of data.

East) East) Teaching and teaching and teaching and. Research work.

Postal code: 257061 Introduction to take the measurement data of the whole station, automatically processed through the software, not only can simplify the measurement of the external industry, but also improve the accuracy.

There are many personnel A. Therefore, not only low accuracy, speed Ublishinghbookmark2 steel structure has the characteristics of self -weight, small component section, large effective space, good seismic performance, fast construction speed, small use of work, strong adaptability, etc. In the manhole rack.

In recent years, with the height of the oil collection manhole, the construction difficulty is getting stronger. During the installation of the steel structure of the manager, the measurement accuracy directly affects the quality of the project quality. Bad, it is an important indicator of the quality of the steel structure engineering.

The drilling mani steel structure widely used on the oil field can be divided into three types: type, K type, tower type, type The main difference is that the shape of the tower, the section of the component, and the connection type.

Like other steel tower, they belong to the large -scale steel structure with a more complex form. Point point to the construction level, and then perform the samples of each steel column according to the investment point.

The accuracy of the sample depends on the accuracy of the investment point, and on the other hand, it depends on the method of construction samples.

In order to improve the accuracy of the steel structure measurement, the corner measurement of the point from the bottom layer is performed, and then the level treatment is performed to improve the accuracy of the control point. The regular method of putting on the sample, due to the limitation of the construction site conditions, the external industry -put personnel must conduct a lot of tedious computing work, and the real -time measurement system of the portable full -station instrument is based on the problems of conventional measurement. Real -time steel structure measurement system, the system uses a portable computer to connect to the entire station, manipulates the whole station instrument through the procedure of the procedure, and automatically obtains measurement data The calculation shows the point and correction information. When the deviation meets the requirements, the measured data can be stored into the database for management, drawing, printing reports, etc. The real -time measurement system of the portable full -site instrument is shown.

] The workflow of the portable whole station instrument is as shown in.

First of all, you should establish a control point and sample database in the room, mainly to enter the coordinates of each point. First of all, the female set instrument is opened | Establish a control point of the entire station, and then see the direction of the point. Use the communication line to connect the portable machine and the whole station. Structural sample measurement work.

There are four types of data on the screen: the first is the data of the control point, including the name of the name, the coordinates, etc., which can be obtained directly from the database, that is, select the control point and direction point point point. The name can be called out of its coordinates; the second type of data needs to be manually entered, such as the height of the instrument, the width of the cylindrical radius R, H -shaped steel column and the distance between the two pillars and the distance of the cylinder. 123]; The third part is the measurement data of the whole station instrument, such as the horizontal angle of the left side of the cylinder, the right side of the pillar, the horizontal angle of the relative direction of the patch, and the vertical angle of the patch observation; The coordinates and observation results, where the coordinates of the sample point can be named by selecting the database, and the database is directly mixed up. The actual measurement coordinates are automatically calculated by the program and given the deviation data. You can save the data to the database. Set up a reflective patch. Based on the two -point coordinates of the renovation, the vertical tilt of the steel column can be calculated.

The main content plane control network of the main content flat control network of the steel structure of the drill and mining manager The provided axis control point (or network) directly uses.

The embedded positioning method of the ground feet bolts is generally two types of embedded ground bolts: one is one time the pouring method; The secondary pouring method of the pit position.

The previous method requires the measurement staff to arrange the high -precision square grid first, and the central axis of each pillar is aimed at the appropriate height of the surroundings. Generally, the thickness of the bottom plate is 10cm. Left and right; the latter method can be poured in the bottom plate. After the first condensation is completed, the plane control network and the center axis of the column to each pilot are reserved.

The two methods have each method of advantages and disadvantages. The reserved anti -leakage effect is good, but after the positioning of the foot bolts, it is easy to displacement during the pouring concrete process, and the bolt positioning accuracy is low; . The Lyca ZL Speed \u200b\u200binstrument is used to use the Laica ZL Celestial Ceremony to test it to the required construction height in turn, and receive it with the laser receiving board.

Slowly spin the spinning slowly Leading straight (0 °, 90 ° 180 ° 270 ° 360 °), you get a laser round on the receiving board, the center of the center is the receiving point of the control point.

Control the receiving point of the control point The angle and distance measurement of the network. Due to the error of the investment point, there is a certain difference in the measurement angle and the length of the edge and the coordinates of the coordinates. There may be a investment point error, so the pseudo -free free mesh difference is used 4. The coordinate approximate value is used to adopt the underlying point control point. The average angle of the direction of the diameter, the average number of rights with the right of the direction distance is unchanged.

The accuracy obtained when the actual flat is less than ± 5mm. With this as the basis for the details of the details of this layer.

Because the point came up was hollow, it was impossible to determine its high program. The point is located at the high IM of the horizontal axis of the instrument on the control point at the time of the two samples on the control point. When there are not enough attraction points, or when the shape of the measurement object is changed, some new control points can be encrypted by their own control points, and then the reference point can be performed.

Use the characteristics of a portable full -station instrument in real -time steel structured measuring software. Compared with the conventional measurement mode, the use of the real -time steel structure putting software of the portable full -site instrument is used for construction measurement, which has the following characteristics: the two -way communication of the whole station and the computer. Enter the observation results to the computer or calculator for calculation. This system uses the two -way communication between the computer and the entire station. Middle.

In the system, the whole station measuring measurement mainly uses two modes: one is to measure the slash, vertical angle, and horizontal angle. This mode needs to be used with reflective patch, and the round steel pipe column needs to be measured. There are no reflective patch on the left and right edges, so only the horizontal angle measurement mode can be used.

Two modes of the round steel pipe columns are used in two modes. As long as the H -shaped steel column can be used in the first mode.

[ 123] Measurement personnel only need to follow the computer screen prompts to aim the corresponding target point to take the corresponding button.

Avoid errors in the data copy and input process, simplify the steps of the foreign industry, and simplify the steps of the foreign industry. .

Calculate the point coordinates and deviation information in real time.

While calculating the measuring point coordinates, combined with the theoretical coordinates of the sample point to make the calculation, and immediately get the recommended distance and correct amount. Convenient to command the sample work.

The database of control points, samples and measured data is established, which can easily The inquiry and management of the point coordinates and measured materials can be automatically generated by the chart.

Installation and measurement of the steel structure of the drilling manhores suitable for complex shapes and complicated environments. In the construction of the steel structure, the important point is to put the top and bottom of the steel column high -precision on the design of the design, and the requirements are quickly and reliable, and the construction progress is not affected.

The classic classic The measuring method of measuring meal measuring ruler is a common method adopted by the current steel structure measurement correction. The principle is simple and intuitive, and it is easily accepted by most people. The requirements for the conditions of the visual conditions are high, not only consuming a lot of manpower and material resources, but also low efficiency.

In today, with the increasingly developed high -tech, the entire station instrument and electronic computer have been widely used. The two are connected, and a complete set of whole -site instruments are very necessary to measure the steel structure of the drilling manhole frame. It can not only improve work efficiency, but also improve the accuracy of the steel structure.

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