How to install the steel structure plant?What are the precautions in construction?

With the development of the steel industry, there are many types of steel products, and the practicality has gradually improved. Therefore, the steel structure plant has gradually been widely used in major industries. So do you know the installation and construction steps of the steel structure plant? Today, I will tell you about the steel structure factories.

Construction steps:

1. Preliminary design: In the early stage of construction, the construction drawings need to be reasonably designed according to the situation. After determining, you still need to strengthen the review of the design drawings, clarify the precautions of construction, on -site construction requirements, and difficulties in construction.

2. Construction plan: Completion of the construction plan of Steel-Structure-ATI-CORROSION-AD-FIRE-PROTECTION . Including construction plans, on -site layout maps, construction cycle plans, construction emergency plans, etc. to ensure that the construction site can be controlled as much as possible after the construction steps are actually carried out.

3. On -site exploration: The actual situation of the survey site to ensure construction quality.

4. Construction line: According to the drawings set in the early stage, the position of the steel shelf column is determined by the latitude and weft meter.

5. Basic embedding: Before the basic concrete is poured, the bolt is required according to the size provided by the drawings.

6. Material installation: Confirm the hanging point and complete the steel column hanging. After reviewing the steel columns, the steel beam is lifted and the tadpole and wall panel installation is completed.

7. Factory painting: After the construction of all steel, after cleaning the metal surface stains, apply rust -proof paint and anti -phosphorus primer, the entire steel structure plant is installed and built complete.

The above is the construction steps of the steel structure plant. So in addition to understanding the construction method, what details do we need to pay attention to during the construction process?

Construction precautions:

1. When the basic embedded, you need to control the horizontal axis of the horizontal axis, Also pay special attention to whether the horizontal elevation is consistent. If it is not consistent, it is necessary to correct it to advance the construction steps.

2. Steel beam hanging:

Before the steel beam is lifted, it is necessary to ensure that the column top concrete can be performed after 95%of the design strength of the design. Hoisting. During the lifting process, the verticality of the steel beam is needed to use the latitude and weft meter to ensure no error.

In addition, in order to ensure that the verticality of the steel beam is consistent, the short flat shoulders need to be lifted at 3.5m at the ends of the steel beam. When hanging the steel beam, it is necessary to keep the lifting radius unchanged. The hook is aligned with the hanging point, and the bottom of the beam is slipped along the ground until the steel beam is vertically suspended from the ground.

3. The roof panel hanging:

When the roof panel is lifted, you need to pay attention to the formation as much as possible, and put it lightly to avoid generating production to avoid producing The secondary damage to the material.

The installation process and key precautions of the entire steel plant building, have you got it? Of course, Xiaobian still recommends that you choose regular manufacturers to buy and install, and pay attention to the construction acceptance of it after installation!


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