Detailed component design of the steel structure plant

There are many design institutes in steel structure factories, but because of the diverse total, the good withering is uneven. And the vast majority of design staff pay more attention to the overall design of the steel structure plant, do not pay attention to the details of the engineering building, often cause the steel structure plant to cause stress conditions in some parts, which eventually leads to the destruction of the component. Promote the design in the design to improve a key point, so that the steel structure industry can be more perfect. The following belongs to three key areas.

Steel structure plant

The key lies in the design level of the column component. It is necessary to know the production process process, the layout of the machine, the total number of production flow lines, the number of tons and the number of uses of the crane. Instead of blindly pursuing the least steel for perfect structure. Because the application of manufacturing and manufacturing is not complied with, even if the cost of the factory is relatively low, the pillar components of the steel structure plant are often equipped with bridges and pipelines, which will increase the load of the column to the load. And at the same time, the design of the engineering architectural design at the same time is still unscientific to generate steel brackets in this time, and the way to open the air building is unscientific, and there are many problems such as internal structure logistics channels, internal structured partition walls and column beam steel bars, and many other problems. Then at this time, the earth seismic power of engineering buildings will increase and the stiffness of bending is uneven, which will cause hidden dangers to the safety of steel structure factories. In addition, it should be noted that many industrial plants will be equipped with crane beams. In design, due to insufficient grasp of the production process and the size of the crane, the tonnage, total number, and method of cranes in the workshop (single beam (single beam beam It is unscientific to be scientific such as hanging, rail cranes, half -door hanging), and the net empty height left by assembly cranes, which will affect the application of production and manufacturing.

The structure design of the steel structure plant should be in the steel structure line SOME-Suggestions-on-Building-Steel-Structure-Warehouse The main one of the industry For designers, in the design link, not only should we pay attention to structural issues, but also the construction cost of the building.

How much the project cost is determined to be important for corporate returns. Most of the steel structure plant design plans depends on the investment in the cost of construction in the middle and late stages. The invalidation of the control cost is a common disadvantage of industrial plant design. For example, the steel structure plant is unscientific and reasonable in the design of the space layout. The pillar method (fixed connection, bolt just connection, bolt and steel boots just connected, buried and just connected) is unreasonable. Frequency improvement, etc., will increase the cost of engineering. These factors should be considered comprehensive when designing, otherwise the economic losses of both parties should be lost.


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