Steel structures per square meter for steel structure

1. The amount of steel per square meter of the steel structure plant

1. The general steel content of a crane with a light steel structure is 35-40kg/m2;

2. The general steel content of light steel structures without cranes is 25-30kg/m2;

3, heavy steel steel frame structures with general steel content in cranes At 80-100kg/m2;

4. The general steel content of heavy steel frame structures without cranes is 60-80kg/m2;

The data information above is only a basically expected basis. The span, relative height, number of cranes, or engineering projects that are located in each place will have a great impact on the steel content due to the differences in each place. Do not follow the announcement.

2. The unilateral cost per square meter of the industrial plant structure of the steel plant?

The address of light steel plant buildings and materials is different.

The light steel plant is 500 yuan per square meter. (Including 180/square meters of land construction project)

Simple factory building 280 yuan/square meter. (130/square meter including the land construction project)


① Liang HN346*174*6*9 T Q235

② Pillar HN350*175*6*9 T Q345 HN250*125*6*9 T

③ *2.5 T Q235

④ Wall line C180*65*20*2.5 t

⑤ Performance tie rods ф 89*3.5 support point Garden Steel 616 Push Garden Steel ф 12 Pillar support corner steel 5*5

⑥ ground foot bolt -like screw high tough screw ordinary bolt flower orchid foot bolt


⑦ Steel frame structure Auxiliary material steel structure Steel -structural processing fee steel column manufacturing loss consumption

⑧ Core core board 50 corrugated paper clipplate wall panel Thermal insulation material

Three and 12 -meter -high steel structure plant (including bicycle cattle legs). What is the cost of the project cost per square meter?

Calculate 4500 yuan/ton based on the current price, how much is the size of the industrial plant, up and down 1,000 square meters (20*50), and must build about 42T, that is, 4500*42 \u003d 189000 , Made in labor costs 800 yuan/ton, 42*800 \u003d 33600, a roof 25 yuan square meter, that is, 1000*25 \u003d 25000, wall panels, removing windows of about 140*12 \u003d 1680, 1680*20 \u003d 42000, other miscellaneous fees (other miscellaneous fees (other miscellaneous fees (other miscellaneous fees (other miscellaneous fees ( About 50,000 yuan for drainage ditch, panton, anticorrosive paint, fire safety brushing paint, water falling pipe), unclear whether commercial land is counted together, if it is not obtained, a total of 339,600 yuan, that is, 339600/1000 \u003d 339.6 yuan /m2, only budget, 5%error, the smaller the cost is about high, and does not include design costs, basic costs, geological survey fees, safety supervision, quality supervision, supervision fee, these.

Four and 9 meters of hybrid steel structure plant span 12 meters, 70 meters long (including bicycle beef legs bearing 10T) How much is the cost per square meter?

The amount of main steel is about 15kg per square meter, and the amount of steel for crane beam is about 5-7kg per square meter, and the steel bars and wall beams are about 5-7kg per square meter. Basically calculated according to 100-150 yuan per square meter. Others, such as wall roofs, windows and doors, etc., the price of raw materials in various places is different. In the general situation, the cost of the project is in the middle of 350-550 yuan/㎡



5. How much is the steel in the steel structure plant?

The light steel structure plant is different with the span and deep size. Generally about 30 ~ 35kg, the total construction area per square meter.

Six. Then, how much is a steel beam and a total of 2160 square meters in a span of 20 meters, a total of 6 meters, a total of 2160 square meters. Is the C -type steel steel roof?

Single -layer industrial plant without cranes generally 30 fluctuations of about 30 5kg

You can ask you to ask As soon as I asked a few steel structure companies, when I heard his point of view, the planning institute generally needed a tradition than the steel structure company, and the amount of steel was 20%-60%higher

[ 123]七、一间跨度20米,间隔6米,共2160平方米,无行车梁与有行车梁的各要多少用钢量?

没有吊车的, Generally, the light steel structure is about 30kg per square meter, and the crane is about 40kg up and down. 30kg is already the general steel of the light steel plant. You can make columns with poor steel. Usually it is unlikely to do so low.

8. How much is the cost of the general whole steel structure plant project? There are 5 tons of crane beams span 24 meters. In fact, it also depends on the area. The larger the scale, the more relative the unilateral cost is not high. If the relatively 5000 square meters are used to use the as examples of a crane with a steel volume of 18 kg, the steel amount is 5 tons. The tangled and sub -prefabricated components are 7 kilograms of upper and lower wall wall steel bars and sub -prefabricated components of 3 kg. Therefore, if the amount of steel for all projects is about 33kg per square meter, the unilateral cost is about 350 yuan, so the current price No


The price of the steel structure plant must have certain prerequisites to compare. For example, it is imported or domestic color steel plate, which is thin and coated; Skylights; deepening and span of industrial plants; many elements of cranes, tons of cranes, tons of cranes, working hours system levels, etc. are related. In addition, the district difference and the harm of the construction enterprise’s qualification level cannot be underestimated. The key to engineering cost is related to steel columns.


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