What is the material of the outer wall of the steel structure plant? Is the insulation effect good?

The outer wall plate of the steel structure plant is also called \”lightweight partition wall board\” and \”light cement foaming wall plate\” on both sides of the panel. The wall plate stands up, and the male and female mortises are applied with a small amount of mortar mortar. The raw materials of the wall plate are mixed with high labeling cement and polybenzene particles. The two sides of the board are calcium silicate of 5 mm each. Board, Rylfa adopts: slurry, grouting, molding, molding, molding, molding, stacking, maintenance, transportation installation and acceptance, etc. produced by eight major processes produced by the eight major processes, the quality of the quality of high -quality partition boards produced by eight major processes. At 49 yuan per square meter.

The thickness of the wall plate is 75-150 mm, the length of the board is 2440 mm, 3000 mm, and the width is 610 mm. The calcium silicate plate on both sides is strong, reducing the weight of the outer wall plate of the steel structure plant, increasing sound insulation, heat insulation and insulation, which brings great convenience to the cutting and slotting line of light -quality wall plates.

Due to the high strength of the outer wall plate of the steel structure plant and good overall performance, it can be used as a wall interval with high layers and large span. Building, car Which-IS-Better-I-BEAM-O-U-BEAM-STEEL-Weight interior compartment, office, office compartment, cold storage house construction, and home kitchen toilet Division and other fields.

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