Classification of steel structure car sheds

Hebei manufacturers explain the classification to you

The car shed can be divided into the following What-IS-Corrugated-Metal-Stainless- Steel-Plate Category: car sheds, sunboard car sheds, endurance board car sheds.

1. Color steel tile shed: Color steel tiles are diverse in color. The commonly used colors include grass green and white, and their weight is light, which can reduce the danger of collapse due to storm snow. Installation is used to avoid rain leakage.

2. Sunshine board car shed: The top material of the shed is a sunny board (referred to as the air board), while the sunboard has light transmission, impact resistance, UV prevention, light weight, flame retardant, bending, sound insulation, sound insulation, sound insulation, Energy saving, temperature adaptability, weather resistance, defense, simple and convenient, unlike traditional materials, which are widely used in various places in recent years.

Three, endurance board car sheds: The top material of the shed is a endurance board, and the endurance board has resistance to impacts. It cannot be broken. The intensity is hundreds of times more intensive glass and acrylic boards. Round arch, bending, good processability, strong plasticity, can be bent into arched, semi -circular and other styles according to the actual needs of the construction site; the material is light, easy to handle, the weight is only half of the glass, the transportation and installation saves time and effort, the construction It is easy to manage; weather resistance, excellent lighting, can be anti -ultraviolet radiation for a long time, good lighting effect, can save a lot of source expenses.

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