What details need to be paid to the steel structure when using

With the rapid development of the factory in my country, the application of the application is becoming more and more wide. Everyone knows that the use of steel structure is essential for the construction of the plant. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following matters when storing and installation to ensure the safe use of the steel structure.

Tell you what details you need to pay attention to when the steel structure needs to be used:

1. The steel side should be established. Number;

2. When the open -air stacked, the venue should be flat and should be higher than the surrounding ground, leaving drainage grooves around;

Outside, to avoid snow and water, there should be a high difference at both ends to facilitate drainage;

4. Before installation, the construction unit shall be inspected , The size of the component of the recording of the recorded records;

5. The steel structure should adopt an appropriate connection method Product-Characteristics-ADVANTAGES-OF-Flat-Packaging-Room to make the node Design and structure calculation simplify the model consistent;

6. When the steel structure is lifted, proper measures should be taken to prevent excessive bending and deformed. Well, to prevent injury components;

7. After the steel structure is lifted, it should be tied to support and other connected components in time to ensure the stability of the structure;

8. high altitude high altitude The operator uses the tools, and the spare parts should be put in the toolbag, and they must not be thrown up and down;

9. When operating in rainy days, reliable anti -skid measures must be taken, and lightning protection in the thunderstorm season;

10. It is also optimistic about the weather conditions before construction.

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