Requirements for the functional function of steel structure buildings

In recent years, my country’s concrete building system has gradually decreased. With the world earthquake What-IS-STRUEL-Structar-And-What-ITS-Characteristics [123 ] There are more and more regions, and strong shock resistance becomes the focus of development, and the government strongly encourages housing. Reinforced and concrete are still the main materials of Chinese architecture, and brick -concrete buildings can even be seen in some areas.

In fact, the steel structure serves the building, and the use function of the building is consumer Z Care. Either structure or technology. After Z, it must be implemented in use, so the future of the steel structure is very bright. With the increasing pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction in my country, the state attaches increasing importance to environmental protection and natural resources protection. The development of green buildings has been written into the country’s \”Twelfth Five -Year Plan. This is undoubtedly a rare development opportunity for the steel structure industry. . The important reason why there is no popularity in our country is that ordinary people know very little about them. The people will not care whether the steel structure house can be industrialized and more concerned about the safety and comfort of the building. In addition, the promotional efforts are not great, which causes them to be uncomfortable to live in steel structured houses. However, this view is wrong.

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