Cangzhou steel structure plant cost

The cost or budget of customer consultation is often available. If we want to know the actual price, we need to analyze from multiple aspects. In the aspects of web planning and construction devices, the following is a brief introduction.

Affecting cost-Budget Elements: Original Materials

The first composition framework of steel and board, about accounting About 70%-80%of the cost of the house, the price of the original data market price directly shaded the cost of the steel structure plant. The raw materials of the steel

https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustrycompleTion-OF-STRUEL-Installation-Project-OF-the-OKELIGENT-the Mall-Warehouse and the parallel. Different prices of thickness also have a large income and expenditure. The original data of the steel structure is the primary element of the cost of the steel structure plant.

Impact-Budget Elements: Planning Elements

Reasonable planning is the fundamental fundamental plan to control the cost of manipulating steel structure plants. The problem. Different steel structure plant planning plans are important reasons for the change in the value value of Yingyi. The primary element of the cost of building a plant.

Affecting the cost of steel structure plant-budget elements: root plan

The foundation cost is closely related to the geology of the steel structure plant The construction period of the roots accounts for about 25%of the total construction period of the plant. During the planning, we must pay attention to the geological statement of the factory where the plant is located, choose a reasonable root type type, and the load and depth of the control of the roots play a positive role in the total cost of the steel structure plant.

Affecting the cost of steel structure plant-budget element: steel beam planning

Rectangular cross-section beam is Z, generally suffering Bending components are often used in planning, but the data utilization rate is very low. One is because the data close to the neutral axis is low; the second is that the bending moment of the beam is changed along the beam. Because the segmentation of most of the section beams is low, the data is not easy to use, and the data utilization rate can be increased only when the axis is subject to power. Therefore, the plane truss can be used instead of the rectangular beam when planning. The plane truss is equivalent to the hollowing beam to remove the remaining information in the beam. It can also develop into a spatial grid, and the utilization rate of data can be greatly improved.

Affecting plant cost-Budget Elements: Pillar Network Plan

The layout of the column is confirming the span and distance of the column Under the condition of process requirements, try to choose small span door -type steel frames. Under normal circumstances, the Z excellent distance of the door -type rigid frame is 6m -9m. When a large tonnage crane is equipped, the economic column distance is generally 7m -9m, and it should not exceed 9m. The amount of steel for the system will also be added accordingly, and the cost is not economical. Therefore, whether the column layout has a reasonable impact on the cost of steel structure factories.

Affecting the cost of steel structure plant-budget element: Construction device element

The length of the construction period is also shadow steel For part of the cost of structural factory, the proficiency of the installation skills is the primary reason for the length of the working period. The construction of a steel structure plant is a systematic engineering, which has a wide range of faces, many influencing elements, construction cycles, policy changes, and large engineering volume.

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