Steel structure manufacturing installation must be prepared for preparations in the early stage

Steel is characterized by high strength, lightness, good overall rigidity, and strong deformation ability. Resistance and elastic body, Z fits the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics; the material is plastic and patient, and it can have a large deformation and can accept the power load well; the construction period is short; produce.

There are so many strengths and have been widely used to various occupations. So what are the preliminary preparations for installation?

Construction organization design.

Fundamental preparation: Obtain a comprehensive material for the general package, install a supporting support or root inspection material.

Steel structure inspection TEN-Installation-POINTS-FRAME-STRUCTURE Examination: The component shall ensure the complete supply according to the installation program; The quality requirements of construction sites, assembly, welding and riveting, and coating shall meet the relevant regulations. Before installation, check the components of the appearance in accordance with the component detailed table, check whether the component is damaged and deforms in the loading, unloading, transportation, and accumulation. The shape size, holes, assembly, welding, conflict surface of the component’s shape, etc.

File material preparation: prepare design files before install Detailed maps and other related drawings and skills documents of each branch.

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