How to maintain and protect the steel structure workshop factory or warehouse

, warehouses, and workshops have become the choice of building factories, so many issues about the emergence of them have also appeared. For the revealed steel, IT-CAN-MAKE-The-STRUCTURE-Work-Stable-AD -Reliable-And-the-Horizontal-SUPPPORT-IS-IDISEDISPENSABLE is only two rust-proof paint spraying (brushing), and there is also a lack of regular protection methods during use, so it is necessary to do well. Essence

Anti -corrosion treatment

Steel beam steel columns and bars and other steel structures: Use sandblast binding electric steel brush to remove rust processes , Completely remove the previous rust skin and iron rust; choose epoxy zinc -rich rust -resistant primer twice, the thickness of the dry membrane is 70um, and the practical amount is 0.25 ~ 0.3kg/㎡; The thickness of the wet film is 190UM, the thickness of the dry membrane is 100um, and the paint paste: the calculation ratio ratio: 100: 15.

Galvanized floor inheritance board: Rust removal mainly uses an electric steel brush for artificial rust removal to ensure that the rust removal is complete. For the more severe corrosive building, choose atomic ash reinforcement, find flat, wait for the boring, and then use the epoxy zinc -rich rust -resistant primer twice. The thickness of the dry membrane is 70um and the practical amount is 0.25 ~ 0.3kg/㎡; Epoxy cloud iron ash thick pulp primer, the thickness of the wet film is 190um, the thickness of the dry membrane is 100um, and the paint slurry: the amount of curing agent is: 100: 15, and the anticorrosive treatment is performed.

Fire treatment

The temperature resistance of steel is poor, and many functions change with the temperature rise and fall. When the temperature reaches 430 At -540 ° C, the yield point, tensile strength, and elastic modulus of steel will drop sharply and lose the ability to carry. The steel structure must be used to protect the steel structure with refractory materials.

The refractory resistance of the building can depend on the fire resistance function of the construction of the building. When the fire occurs, the carrier should be able to be able to disperse, rescue people safely, rescue, and rescue. Materials and fires.

The fire prevention method is: revealing steel components brushing fireproof coatings, the specific requirements are: the fire to resistance of the steel beam is 1.5h, the steel column refractory time is 2.5h, which makes it conform to the construction requirements.

After the protection and maintenance results

After the anticorrosive treatment, the steel structure resistance can be significantly improved. For one year Later, the layers are intact, without any peeling and drop, and the anticorrosive effect is better; after the fire prevention coatings are painted, the refractory time of the steel structure is increased to ensure the overall safety of the steel structure.

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