Blue Industry Encyclopedia: It is also critical to build a steel structure plant site

From planning to design to construction, steel structure plants need to go through many complex procedures and steps. Each step is essential, and the site selection of steel structure plants is particularly important. Today, the editor of Zhengzhou’s Blue Steel Structure editor will talk about how to choose the steel structure engineering plant. Where should the steel structure plant be built? This problem is particularly important. In addition to the ports that need to be considered in business, we also need to start from a professional building perspective to choose a suitable and safe construction land.

1. Site selection of steel structure plants should avoid the development of earthquakes and basic intensity than the nine -degree seismic area, mudslides, landslides, stream sand, caves and other harmful areas, and thicker three three three Grade self -wet trap, newly stacked loess, and first -level expansion soil.

2. The shape of the construction of the plant should be as simple as possible, such as the length and width ratio of the rectangular venue is generally controlled within 1: 1.5, which is more economical; Liaison and venue drainage; under normal circumstances, the natural terrain of the factory of the plant is not greater than 5 ‰, the hill slope is not more than 40 ‰, and the construction of factories in mountainous areas should not exceed 60 ‰.

3. Avoid mining areas, air -priced areas with mining value, and densely dense areas of ancient wells, ancient tombs, and pits.

4. The land area of \u200b\u200bthe steel structure plant shall meet the production process and transportation requirements, and reserve expansion land.

5. Land for production and employees shall be based on the scale and fixed employees of the factory, according to the national, provincial, and cities, -Warehouse quota, calculate the required area.

6. Factions with waste and waste residues, the area required for the stack of waste and waste residue should meet the requirements of the factory service life.

7. The construction land should be considered according to factors such as the construction scale, the number of construction personnel, and the arrangement of the construction arrangement.

8. The site of the steel structure plant should not be selected near the lower reaches of the reservoir and near the flood dyke.


The land use of the steel structure engineering plant is related to the service life and safety of the factory building, and at the same time determine the subsequent steel structure plant reporting procedures, so Be sure to pay attention. Before the site selection of the steel structure plant, the professional geographical survey and design team should investigate the project plot, and the detailed survey reporter can start the steel structure engineering design. Zhengzhou Azure Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in providing integrated construction services for steel structure engineering to exempt you with tedious concerns and get everything in one stop.

Zhengzhou Azure Steel structure has a three -level contractor for construction engineering construction, construction decoration and decoration engineering professional contracting, special engineering (structural reinforcement) Professional contracting and other qualifications. The company team has more than 20 years of industry experience, Professional undertaking plant warehouse, production and development workshop, convention and exhibition hall, employee restaurant/dormitory building, commercial marketing center, corporate door shape, scenic area project shape, large breeding center, area area, area area, area area The construction and reinforcement of steel structure projects such as industrial landmark columns, and integrated providing the design, cost control, procurement, distribution, construction, and after -sales service of steel structure engineering schemes. The company is committed to using quality and reputation.

Zhengzhou Azure

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