What are the factors that affect the cost of steel structure factories?Choose the steel, Qi Xin knows better

Steel plates of raw material factors are the main framework of steel structure factories, accounting for about 70%-80%of the total cost of steel structure plant. The fluctuation of the market price of the raw material of the steel structure directly affects the cost of steel structure factories. The price of the material and the surface of the carrier, the thickness of the fence, the price of the fence, and the price of the material are very different. Steel structure raw materials are the main factor affecting the cost of steel structure factories.

2. The reasonable design of the factors of the factory design factor of the factory design factor is a key issue for controlling cost costs. Different designs of the factory directly affect the amount of steel. In order to control the amount and cost of steel, the steel structure plant plan should be reasonably designed. Basic costs are closely related to factory geology.

The basic construction cycle is about 25%of the total construction period of the factory, and the cost also accounts for 1 How-CAN-A-METALDING-BE-BUILT-WITH- 11-floors-in-only-29-hours 5%. The quality of basic construction and improper selection of material quality will cause the load of the steel structure plant to be transmitted to the basis. Increase the direct load of the factory and increase the power load afforded by the factory.

3. The construction cycle of the construction and installation factors is also part of the cost of the steel structure plant. Skilled installation technology is the main reason for the length of the working period. The construction of structural factories is a systematic engineering with a wide range of systems involving a wide range of, many influencing factors, many influencing factors, construction cycles, policy changes, and large engineering volume.

4. Other factors Construction of steel structure factories are a systematic large -scale project. Artificial cost, construction period, policy change, and engineering volume will affect the cost of steel structure factories.


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