What are the advantages of steel structure plant?

The steel structure, because of its light weight, high strength, and high pressure resistance. It is currently used in many construction projects, including the bird’s nest, which is built by the steel structure ~ So what are the advantages of the steel structure plant? This article expresses it at one time!

1 . The factory building is more artistic in appearance.


, the construction period is short

Because all the components of the steel structure plant can be made in advance, only needed later in the later period, only needed later, only need Stitching, so the construction cycle is short.


, extensive use

Because the equipment is simple, it can be widely used in factories, gymnasiums, warehouses and other buildings.


, earthquake resistance

The triangle roof frame system is relatively stable, so the steel structure plant is very strong, with earthquake resistance, with earthquake resistance, with earthquake resistance The advantage of wind resistance.


, durable

The characteristics of the steel itself determine the characteristics of the steel structure plant, high strength, long -lasting long -term strength, long -lasting time Durable, long service life, simple maintenance, and easier maintenance in the later period.


, reasonable cost

Compared And the comfort is not bad.


, thermal insulation

The steel structure insulation can be used for polyurethane insulation board, a 35mm polyurethane insulation board, The thermal resistance value is equivalent to a 1 -meter -thick brick wall, and all can avoid the phenomenon of cold bridges. In addition, the sound insulation effect is also very good, which can reach 40-60 decibels.


, environmental protection and health

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