What is a discount warehouse

Discount warehouse is a large -scale self -selected store that is selected from more popular and practical products in the products operated by a comprehensive large supermarket for centralized and practical products. It is a sales technology and management theory developed by supermarkets. The product supply method of large supermarkets, activate the site selection theory of the shopping center, reduce and reduce the price gap, and unify the chain stores formed by the commodity level of various departments.

The area of discount warehouse stores is generally below 1,000 square meters. It takes non -durable consumables as the main product. Generally, the national well -known brand products with 6 to 70 % off are combined with their own brand products. A certain percentage of concessions, that is, give appropriate discounts in terms of price.

There are many discounts used in international trade. In addition to general discounts, there are also discounts used to expand sales, special discounts given to achieve some special purposes, and year -end rebates.

The storage discount store is the factory direct selling shopping center. Storage discount stores have the following characteristics: direct sales of goods or own brands; most of the products are well -known brands; there are ultra -low discount prices; large scale and complete functions; low operating costs. The discount store mainly sells its own brand and fast -turning products, limited to sales varieties, and provides consumers with limited operating area, simple, limited service and low operating costs, to provide & ldquo; Commodity retail formats. The area of the discount store is generally below 1,000 square meters. Taking non-durable consumables as the main product, it is usually combined with a 6-7 % discount nationwide brand products with their own brand products.

Scope of business, sales of food detergent, agricultural and sideline products, infant formula milk powder and other infant formula food sales, health food sales, daily department store sales, health sanitary ware sales, maternal and infant goods sales, aquatic products retail, daily use for daily use Non -medical sales of masks, retail consumption of agricultural products, fresh fruits retail, fresh vegetable retail, cosmetics retail, personal sanitary products sales, daily necessities sales.

The discount warehouse is a discount warehouse. The folding network is founded by Shenzhen Folding Claim Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in January 2011. It is a professional B2C e -commerce platform. It is a online trading market and an online wholesale market. A win -win information platform for merchants and consumers provides enterprises with marketing promotion and e -commerce solutions. In accordance with the purpose of “all customer needs and serving customers wholeheartedly”, Folding.com realizes the goal of “let merchants earn more money and save consumers more money”. The reasonable competition, through the joint supervision of consumers, finally achieved the healthy growth and growth of more companies in China, thus going to the world, creating foreign exchange for the motherland, and benefiting the people.

The discount store has the following two aspects of business characteristics

  1. Business scope
    The store is opened around the community, and the target customers are the core of the community residents of the working class and the middle income. Due to the restrictions and living habits of my country’s economic development, there is also a certain market in a higher -end community. The products operated include basic consumer goods, convenience products and fresh foods for mid -range and daily.
  2. Competitive advantage
    Basic strategic positioning is low prices and convenience. The price of low products is a foothold for competition. It is required that discount stores can reduce management costs from all aspects, including the procurement, storage, circulation, in -store display and sales of goods. In addition, the location near the residential area is far from the commercial center, which means that it can reduce the cost of the store’s rent, but also the huge geographical advantage.

What are the characteristics of storage discount stores

Member -made warehousing supermarket suddenly became a hot spot, and many retail companies set foot in this field to open stores. Storage discount stores are generally known as factory direct selling shopping centers, and most of them have the following characteristics: direct sales or own brands; most of the products are well -known brands; ultra -low discount prices; large scale and complete functional; low operating costs. For consumers, the most attractive them are the three points: the world’s well -known brand products; the surprising low -priced (annual discount); relaxed and casual shopping environment.

1. The site is located in the urban and township -combined parts, but the transportation is convenient and there are large parking lots.

2. The business area is large, generally more than 10,000 square meters. The distance from the roof in the warehouse is higher.

3. Librarus is unified, simple decoration, saving costs.

4. Commodity structure: It is mainly food (some fresh food), home supplies, clothing and clothing, stationery, home appliances, automotive supplies, and interior supplies. The focus is on the breadth of the product (referring to the type of commodity).

5. Target customers: mainly consumers with small and medium retailers, catering, group purchases and transportation. Most of these shops implement a large number of sales and a large number of ordering, so as to achieve cheap sales.

Storage discount stores are different from retail formats such as supermarkets. Storage retail companies have simple and practical characteristics and low price advantages. Generally, large scale, small investment, and low price. Most of them are operated by idle warehouses and factories. Those who operate living materials are mainly stored in stores, sales, and implementation of membership.

discount warehouse

How to make money in discount warehouses

The first period is free of charge. Merchants will join for free! The premise is to be prepared for losses ,When a certain scale `is the mid -term` The more people, the better. At this stage, companies basically belong to the stage that is not profitable.

In the later period, it is the stage of consolidation and transformation of enterprises. At this time, you should have more members, and there are a lot of monthly membership fees. You can start to make customers feel that when you buy your card, you can save a lot of money. Because at this stage, people have made this consciousness!

So `In the later period, your corporate profits are mainly based on the merchant’s membership fee and the customer’s card buying fee. What are the specific costs?

After the transformation is completed, you can start considering various development development `because the general enterprise has reached this stage, it is already a bottleneck, the original business already belongs to the full stage`,You can start considering the development of subsidiary products. For example, the advertisement of the card body `Merchant merchants to the company’s buckle`,Or the discount range of the card is expanded again `can involve beauty` diet, etc. At this time, the company brand has come out. It is not very difficult to pull merchants.Or if you already have funds, you can do your own flagship store.

After answering, the development model and profit model of discount card companies are basically here. You can see that the industry is very high.

How to join the discount storage supermarket?

  1. Investment consultation
    Before you understand the brand related matters related to the brand. After understanding the basic franchise information of the project, franchisees also need to conduct a preliminary survey of the local market to see if the market market is in the local market, and analyze whether the local place is suitable for opening a storage supermarket franchise store.
  2. Submit to the franchise application
    By doing a preliminary understanding of the project, franchisees can apply for franchise and headquarters to investors for investors. Confirm the qualifications of investors.
  3. Sign the relevant contract
    The franchisee submitted a franchise application for the fact that the headquarters inspected was meaningless. ② Headquarters review. ③ After the headquarters was approved, the two parties signed a franchise cooperation agreement.
  4. Choose the right store
    After signing the franchise contract, he cares for the business district to find the appropriate store opening address and evaluate the warehousing supermarket headquarters. Prepare the renovation construction. The store can be renovated in accordance with the unified design plan provided by the headquarters, and the headquarters can be notified one week in advance.
  5. Operation training
    Carry out professional training for employees, market operations and management. Franchisees should plan the opening activities in advance, prepare the opening process, and promote the preferential opening of the store. The opening ceremony of the start of the business, the business responsibility is regularly visited the store to guide business.

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