Steel structure workshop

Steel structure workshop reinforcement method

Due to the low construction cost and short construction period of steel structure workshops, it is more and more popular with enterprises. Every year, a large number of steel structure workshops rise from the ground. However, steel structure workshops also have limitations and durability, especially in the nineteenth century of the last century. The steel structure workshops from the 1900s to the 2000s have been used for 20 to 30 years now. Many steel structure components have experienced different degrees of corrosion and loss, or the use functions can no longer meet the current production capacity needs. , especially if the structural strength of the workshop is not enough, it is necessary to do rigidity and stability testing. If there is any disease in the steel structure components during the testing, it is necessary to strengthen the steel structure workshop.

​​The reinforcement methods of steel structure workshops include reducing the load, increasing the cross-section and connection strength of the original structural members, preventing crack propagation, local reinforcement, comprehensive reinforcement, load reinforcement, unloading reinforcement, and foundation reinforcement. Commonly used methods, of course, there are various reinforcement methods for steel structure workshops. The specific reinforcement method depends on the customer’s choice and the suggestion of the engineering company. The specific reinforcement and placement still need to be based on the actual situation. The following Sgsbuilding steel structure workshop reinforcement company will introduce 5 more common steel structure reinforcement methods:


Steel structure workshop reinforcement method

Load strengthening

Reinforcement with load is a relatively simple reinforcement method, and it is also an economical and cost-saving method. This method is mainly applicable to when the component stress of the steel structure factory building is less than 80% of the steel design strength or the component damage is relatively light. It is to temporarily unload the steel member so that the new steel member can participate in the stress.

Unloading steel bars

When the structure of the steel structure workshop is severely damaged or the stress state of the components and connectors is high, the method of unloading the steel bar is suitable for temporarily reducing the load.

Foundation reinforcement

This method is more suitable for the situation that the steel structure workshop itself is seriously damaged or the original section bearing capacity is too small. This method of foundation reinforcement entails setting up temporary supports on the ground for reinforcement or renewal, which entails dismantling not only the replaced components, but also the structural safety of the replaced entire steel structure factory building.

Foundation reinforcement

Partial reinforcemen

The local reinforcement of the steel structure workshop is to strengthen the components or connection nodes with insufficient bearing capacity, including the method of increasing the section of the steel structure workshop component, the method of reducing the free length of the component and the method of strengthening the component.

Comprehensive reinforcement

Comprehensive reinforcement refers to the reinforcement of the overall structure of the steel structure workshop. There are two reinforcement methods in total, one is the reinforcement method without changing the static calculation diagram of the structure, and the other is the reinforcement method by changing the static calculation diagram of the structure. At the same time, adding or strengthening the support system is also a way to strengthen the steel structure workshop itself.

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