liquidation warehouse in 2022

The liquidation is a procedure carried out to end the existing legal relationship, handle its remaining property, and attribute it to the elimination, including calculation, verification, etc. In a narrow sense, the clearing and settlement are different. The liquidation does not involve the transfer of creditor’s rights and debt, and settlement is the transfer of debt and debt relationships. In a broad sense, settlement is the promotion of liquidation.

【Legal basis】

Article 186 of the “Company Law”, after cleaning up the company’s property, preparing the balance sheet and property list, the liquidation group shall formulate a clearing plan and report to the shareholders ‘meeting, the shareholders’ meeting or the people’s court to confirm. The company’s property pays the liquidation costs, the salary of the employee, the social insurance expenses and the legal compensation, and the tax shall be paid, and the remaining property after the company’s debt is settled. Some shares are allocated. During the liquidation period, the company has continued, but it is not allowed to carry out business activities that are not related to liquidation. The company’s property shall not be assigned to shareholders before setting up the previous paragraph.

Company liquidation

When the company disbands, in order to end the existing property and other legal relations, in accordance with the legal procedures, the company’s property and debt and debt relationships are cleaned up, punished, and distributed, and the legal behavior of the company’s legal person qualification is deprived of its debt and debt relationship. Except for the dissolution of the merger or separation, the dissolution caused by the remaining reasons must be liquidated. The company’s liquidation is a systematic work. During the company’s liquidation process, the company’s personality denies the system and debt infringement theory theory. Article 188 of the “Company Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates that after clearing the company’s property and the preparation of the balance sheet and property list, the liquidation team finds that the company’s property is insufficient to settle debts, and shall apply to the people’s court to declare bankruptcy with the people’s court.

the significance of company liquidation

The establishment of the corporate legal person governance structure has the greatest pioneering work since entering the commodity economy, and is the most powerful locomotive to promote social and economic development. No matter how modern companies change and update, the essence of maintaining huge attractiveness and vigorous vitality has not changed. That is the essence of the company’s legal person — the company’s shareholders are responsible for their capital limits, and the company is responsible for its assets. Although the company’s historical development has the emergence of unlimited two companies, the author believes that it is still the limited nature of the company’s shareholders and the company’s responsibility that truly represents the development direction of the company and promotes its development. The establishment of this responsibility system is the driving force for its growth. It turns out that the modern company’s improvement of governance structure will be carried out around this premise. The reason why thousands of investors have invested in setting up companies or participating in investment have seen the huge superiority of the company’s legal person system. As far as the investment itself, the risk is coming together, and sometimes the risk generated by investment is greater than the investment itself. Therefore, how to reduce investment risks is a problem that investors must consider carefully when investing, and they must work hard to reduce the way of being responsible. At the same time, there are risks of trading counterparts, and if they want to reduce risk opportunities, they must sometimes be realized with the expansion of investors’ responsibilities. Therefore, the establishment of the company system is the result of the game between the two parties, and it is a product of the eclectic investment risk of both parties. The establishment of this system is more fair to share the risk burden of trading entities. However, dialectical viewing one thing is

A truth that must be considered, when we enthusiastically sing the huge superiority of the corporate legal person system. We must also realize that this system is also a sharp double -edged sword. While promoting socio -economic progress and creating wealth, we also sharply cut the good trading opponent in the business society. In fact, the company’s legal person system itself has disadvantages. This disadvantage is that malicious investors abuse the company’s legal person system, damage the trading counterparty, and then obtain illegal benefits. In real life, the company’s shareholders are faked and played with the “empty glove white wolf’s drama”. It is good to use the company’s personality. There are also shareholders playing “Golden Chan’s Shells”. After investing, they escaped the funds and transferred the company’s property. Then they threw a shell company with no property as a supporting shell company. It can be said that all these bad behaviors use the essence of the company’s personality system. For the disadvantages of the company’s legal person system, people also take out various measures to respond. If the company’s legal personality denies the system, the establishment of the company’s infringement theory. These measures have great advantages. However, when shareholders use the company’s legal person system to deceive social goodwill, the companies they use will not exist for a long time. The final line of defense, and it is a good medicine. The company’s liquidation is a systematic work. During the company’s liquidation process, the company’s personality denies the system and debt infringement theory theory.

The modern company system is developing rapidly, and our goal is to give play to the strengths of the company’s legal person system and the sharpness of the negative role of the company. The theory of corporate legal governance structure that is concerned about by modern people is naturally revealed by the theory of the company’s attention. It can be said that the improvement of the company’s establishment system is to standardize the efficient and proper nature of the company’s establishment, improve the protection of shareholders’ rights, and the company’s management is to maximize the protection of investors’ interests and stimulate investors’ investment confidence. At this moment when the company’s death, we must deeply understand the significance of the company’s liquidation system, because the company’s liquidation system is the last and important part of the company’s governance structure. The importance of this ring is not only protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, but also protecting the rights and interests of the majority of creditors. It is the most sharp weapon, the most effective good medicine to remove the disadvantages of the company’s legal person system, and the cornerstone of the company’s legal person system. After explaining the meaning of the company’s liquidation and the huge role of the company’s liquidation. We must discuss the establishment of the company’s settlement system from the reality of the current legislative situation.

liquidation warehouse

Liquidation inventory

With the help of the Amazon logistics liquidation plan, you can liquidate the Amazon American Operation Center in Amazon’s US operation center through Amazon partners or subsidiaries

Amazon logistics liquidation service

Using the liquidation options, some inventory costs can be recovered. Like any removal order, long -term and monthly storage fees will not be incurred after submitting the liquidation order. During the liquidation process, Amazon will provide advice to the most suitable product. After the inventory is sold and received the payment of the liquidator, the liquidation income will be automatically transferred to the seller’s account. You can check the recommended turnover in the inventory control panel to see the slow inventory that is recommended for removal. Note: Notification will be updated every day.

Liquidation process

By liquidating inventory, sellers can retract some of the inventory of the inventory with a slow turnover or the end of the life cycle. After submitting the liquidation order, the product in the order can be reserved for up to 60 days. After submitting the liquidation order, Amazon will bind the corresponding inventory together and provide it to the liquidator who may be interested and the discount price. Amazon subsidiaries or partners will provide the inventory of liquidation to one or more liquidants. According to the highest bid, the liquidation inventory is distributed to the corresponding liquidation. All liquidated inventory will be displayed in the [Order Type] columns reported in [Remove Order Details]. If the inventory does not meet the liquidation conditions, it will not be able to create a liquidation order for it. The seller can choose to discard the inventory or request to refund it.

Liquidation income

To ensure the maximization of interests, the price is high when multiple people bid. However, Amazon cannot guarantee the price of liquidation inventory. Under normal circumstances, the liquidated inventory will be sold at 10% of its original price. The seller will get 90% of the amount, and the remaining 10% will belong to Amazon subsidiaries that sell for liquidation inventory. For example, a product that was originally priced at $ 25 was sold at a price of $ 2.50, and the seller would get $ 2.25 of the $ 2.50, which is 90%of the total liquidation price. The Amazon subsidiary will charge $ 0.25, which is 10%of the recovery amount. The difference between the estimated price and the recovery amount of the inventory is not compensated. The liquidation income will be received within 60 days after submitting the liquidation order. This type of payment can be viewed in the [List of Transaction] reported in the [Payment] report.

Mode of operation

When removing inventory from the Amazon Operation Center, you can choose to clear the Qualified inventory. When selecting “Create Removal Order” for a “management inventory” page, you can access the “Remove Order Details” page; you can also access the page through the “Removal” report.

  1. Select the liquidation from the removal method on the removal detail page. At the set order number, type the custom order number, or leave the field blank, and create an order number by the system. The list of selected products will be displayed below the SKU/product. To add more inventory to this list, type the product name, seller SKU, Amazon product coding (Asin) or FNSKU in the search and adding product text box, and then select search. Select the product you want to remove and click to add selected products.
  2. The number of removable products specifically specified under the number of sale. Note: It does not meet the clearing conditions, and it is determined by Amazon as appropriate. These products that may include dangerous products, non -“new products” or products restricted by other standards. Amazon logistics liquidation services that are not available have been terminated. To remove a certain product from the list, choose to delete. Products that meet the liquidation conditions will be displayed in the product that is about to be submitted. To change the product, please click to change the number or product. Products that do not meet the liquidation conditions will be displayed in the unsuccessful commodity part. Click the order to complete the remove order process. Once submitted, you will not be able to cancel the liquidation order
  3. After submitting the liquidation order, you can look back at the products in the order and reserve up to 60 days to avoid sales or removal of goods. The Amazon subsidiary will then send the inventory list in your liquidation order to one or more liquidants. When the liquidation is achieved, the inventory will be removed and shipped from the Amazon Operation Center to the liquidator. At this time, the inventory will show the type of liquidation order in the removal order details of the seller platform. If the inventory does not have a liquidation qualification, you can create the removal order at any time to discard the inventory or apply for Amazon to refund it.

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