What does steel structure C represent?

Steel structure C is rough, which is a tolerance level with unpotted line -shaped size. Generally, the accuracy of the tolerance is F, M, Rough C, and Thick V as the 4 tolerance level. Tags that indicate the grade of material and antioxidant methods can be written.

With the introduction of a series of measures to encourage and support the development of energy -saving buildings in the country, steel structure engineering, especially in emerging fields such as industrial buildings and bridge structures, has become increasingly affected by the market. Pay attention to. Steel structure engineering is highly sought after and sought after in the market. So, what is the orientation of steel structure engineering?

1. Steel structure has good plasticity and good toughness: Steel structure engineering has better plastic deformation capabilities under the action of static loads.

2. Industrialized production of steel structure manufacturing. Building assembly: The site area is small. Short construction period. The components are light.

The building is also convenient. Remove at the same time.

Strengthen and expand and expand.

3. Steel structure plant has anti -seepage: Steel structure can achieve non -leakage whether the steel structure is welding, riveting or bolt connection.

4 Construction-Process-And-Steps-OF-STRUCTURE-Workshop . Steel structure has high-quality connection performance: because of \”good\” welding performance of welding performance , That is, the integrity of the steel structure can maintain the integrity of the welding site without cracking after welding.

5. Steel structure ports pass through the average root of the root: there will be many similar mechanical characteristics for a small piece, and each upward performance is roughly the same, the steel structure will be unlocked, and the steel structure will be unlocked. Small pieces of decomposition are the basic of solid mechanics.

6. Steel structure Housing weight Light overload performance High -load: High -quality, high -intensity materials.

The heat resistance of the steel structure is better, but the fire resistance is poor: the strength and plasticity becomes larger, it can reach 600 ° C, the strength is zero, the carrying capacity is completely lost, the steel structure resistance resistance is resistant to refractory resistance, the steel structure resistance resistance resistance resistance, the steel structure resistance resistance resistance resistance, the steel structure resistance resistance resistance resistance, the steel structure resistance resistance resistance resistance Raising grades, generally use concrete or brick -concrete structures, or coating O’Nessis fireproof coatings.


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