The advantages and development prospects of the steel structure plant

At present, with the construction of urbanization and high -rise buildings, my country’s steel structure factories have developed very rapidly, which is in line with the current environmental protection requirements. It has the advantages of light weight, good seismic performance, short construction cycle, and green non -pollution, so it has been widely used in the construction field.

However, there are still many people in doubt. This kind of house built like \”building blocks\”, safety and living comfort in all aspects with traditional concrete structures What are the advantages? Below we invite the person in charge of Weifang Hengtai Steel Structure to explain to us from a professional perspective:

1. Cyclone use, energy saving and environmental protection

The environmental protection of the steel structure plant must be known. The recovery rate of factory steel in Hengtai Steel structure construction has reached 90%. The construction materials can be repeatedly used, which greatly reduces the pollution of construction waste and environment.

2. The construction cycle is short

The factory made of Hengtai Steel structure adopts the assembly mode, which is more traditional than traditional Construction party


method is more than double, which can effectively shorten the construction cycle. In addition, the steel structure is also saving time in transportation.

3. The good area is large

Although the material of the steel knot plant is light quality, the biggest advantage is that the structural performance is good , Very strong, tensile resistance, and the same brick -mixed -structured houses have an overwhelming advantage. Moreover, the effective use area of \u200b\u200bthe steel structure plant will be 6%more than the brick mixed and steel concrete structure, which increases the use area.

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